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The most dangerous profession - the miner?

Ukraine still are in a fever from - for incidents of unprecedented tragedy.

In November, 2007 on the Donetsk coal mine of Zasyadko from - for methane explosion - air mix 100 people died. 116 children remained orphans, to the smallest of them also year was not executed. In two weeks incident repeated, however, with the smaller victims. At the beginning of December - two more explosions And again people died These accidents once again confirmed, the person before elements is how weak.

Still a year ago one of engineers of mine called working conditions in it complete outrage . For the last 8 years about 250 died here (!) person. And it only in one mine, and how many them over all country!. For you it, perhaps, just abstract figures, and behind each death of the miner - a grief for his relatives and favourite people. The truth is told: Death of one - the tragedy, death of thousands - statistics . And how many such death across all Ukraine!.

Unfortunately to achieve deserved punishment for responsible for tragedies incredibly difficult. I will say yes directly - it is impossible. All of the blame is shifted on the fifth - the tenth persons or in general on revelry of elements, and heads continue to work and even to receive awards. And, above all - absolutely nothing becomes for prevention of similar incidents.

Why people take such risk for health and life? First of all, from - for money. An average salary in this branch in Ukraine 800 - 900 c.u. - rather high in comparison with other salaries. But, probably, insufficient to risk the life and wellbeing of the family. And what salary will pay back tears of the family and loneliness of children?

There are also other reasons forcing people to choose this dangerous profession.

Alexey, 41, miner: Why I work in such dangerous place? This only thing that I can and I want to do. The person with a small lamp on a helmet - too some kind of hero .

Among the most dangerous professions, according to different data, there are also professions of the veterinarian, the journalist, the builder, the watchman, the police officer and even the head of state.

But with the miner, it seems to me, nobody to be compared. Unfortunately.

One million extracted coal costs to Ukraine three life of miners. Reflect!]