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Why the customs authorizes construction of a monument to the fictional hero?

Monument to the hero of the movie of Vladimir Motyl White sun of the desert To Pavel Vereshchagin will make Kaslinsky plant architecturally - art molding by request of the Federal Customs Service of the Russian Federation, the chief engineer of plant Sergey Trofimov reported.

The Monument to Vereshchagin will be made of bronze in natural human height. The weight of a statue will make not less than 700 kilograms .

according to Trofimov, work on image of the customs officer Vereshchagin artists now. Today about 15 various sketches of future monument " are sent to the Federal Customs Service; - he added.

The monument will be ready to summer of 2008, and will establish it in Moscow.

For the actor Pavel Luspekayev Vereshchagin`s role in White Sun of the desert it was the last. During shooting at Luspekayev were amputated a foot of legs, he went on artificial limbs. The actor on April 17, 1970, three days before the 43 - go birthday died.

The Kaslinsky plant which is more than 250 years old is known for art molding - sculptures, candlesticks, openwork vases and plates, desk sets. Traditions of Kaslinsky molding developed in 19 - a century.

Why the legendary customs officer was given a surname Vereshchagin?

It is probable because movie " events; White sun of the desert occur in the east and here communication with the well-known series of the pictures " is obviously looked through; Turkistan " series; the Russian artist, the master of a battle painting - Vereshchagin Vasily Vasilyevich (Vasily Vereshchagin, 1842-1904).

Thus, the wise management of the Russian customs, forming the image in consciousness of the people, uses powerful factors: popularity of the movie and one of his main characters, and also loved by the people of the actor and communication with the most impressionable historical events and authors of masterpieces of national culture.

One only Deification of war Costs Vasily Vereshchagin of what!

In this series and won everywhere hangs over winners the feeling of tragic hopelessness emphasized dim zheltovato - brown, truly desert color.

And all this only because to a great regret this department for all the history of existence was not honored to give rise worthy to the eternal embodiment the real character.

Thus, FTS tries to create an image of the departmental god on whom ordinary officials could equal.

However, Force not in gods, and in the truth . Brasid, son Tellida, 5 century BC.

And, the truth that after the customs office was allocated from structure of KGB and became the independent organization, the customs and corruption became synonyms! ]