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How to behave in an Orthodox church?

of People come to the temple to thank the highest forces, to confess in the sins, is moral to revive, and sincere prayers will be surely heard by the Lord.

However a frequent obstacle for visit of church becomes today ordinary ignorance of rules of conduct in the God`s temple.

As are told by priests, there is nothing terrible in it, it is impossible to condemn the person who is not absolutely knowing an operations procedure in the temple of ideal people is present. It is just possible to ask on it the priest or to read special literature.

So, visit of the temple demands observance of rules in choice of clothes . The woman has to put on a long skirt or a dress, trousers are inadmissible. Sports suits, shorts are forbidden. It is not necessary to use cosmetics, especially, lipstick. Despite warm weather, all parishioners are recommended to put on clothes with long sleeves. But most of modern priests consider that the woman can enter the temple in trousers if her decision to come into church was not planned, and free time appeared incidentally.

It is necessary to enter the temple quietly, silently, with awe. At the same time the man has to remove a headdress, and the woman, on the contrary, to put on a scarf previously collected hair. It is not forbidden to be in church in a cap, but quite often it causes condemnation in people of advanced age.

On a threshold the temple needs to be read The Prayer going to " church; or Pater Noster and at their ignorance to tell My God, clear mya guilty and pardon mya .

When you entered the temple , make three bows to the ground (on holidays - three zone bows) then you bow praying to the right and left side. Such rules sometimes cannot almost be followed in full parishioners of church therefore it is allowed to pass a little aside and three times to dawn on itself a cross, having made at the same time three zone bows.

In some churches the ancient rule by which during church service of the woman stand on the left side, and men - on right is still followed. It is necessary to be christened and bend the head when priests dawn a cross, the Gospel, image or a sacred bowl. During an oseneniye candles, a sign of the cross and a censer it is necessary to bend the head only.

If there is no service, it is allowed to approach any icon, to twice dawn on itself a cross, to be put to the lower part of an image and to cross for the third time.

During church service should not look around, consider praying, to ask them about something, to chew chewing gum, to keep hands in pockets, to shake hands with acquaintances, to speak by phone. It is better to switch-off phone in general or to transfer at least to the silent mode. It is the best of all to attend service up to the end. It is also necessary to watch the children: they have to follow the general rules.

According to the church charter, women cannot visit the temple and touch shrines in certain days.

In temples carrying out a photo - and video filming is forbidden . They are resolved only after a favoring of priests in the special cases connected with church sacraments.

Now I will tell several words about candles . It is the best of all to get them in church, in the specially allotted place, prior to the beginning of service; money should be prepared too in advance that to interfere with nothing other praying. To put a candle it is allowed by any hand. It is very good to put the first candle before the main shrine of the temple.

Candles in health put in special candlesticks which settle down under images. Candles for the peace of are put on the special canon who it is easy to recognize by square shape and existence of a small crucifixion. It is very important to remember that it is necessary to put a candle before a shrine with a sincere prayer. If you want to deliver a candle to some Saint or to pray to him, it is necessary to cross two times, to poyasno bow, put a candle, once again to cross and make bow. If all places are taken, leave the candle a row, clergymen will put it on a vacant place.

God bless you! ]