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Why the head hurts and what to do that it did not occur?

Hurt the head? Overtired, was alarmed - you will think. But is not present, workers of medicine hold other opinion. In their professional environment the headache is divided into several types, about them you already read in Alexey Nikanorov`s article. The most widespread: headache of tension and migraine. About them, about how to warn them and what to do when you are hurt by the head I will tell in this article.

tension Headache. it is possible, for you will become revelation, but hurts us in it, the most widespread case, not the head, that is, not a brain. Reasons of this pain: long tension of muscles, sheaves, sinews of a forehead, nape and top humeral belt. There receptors are irritated and there is pain. As result: the bilateral pain of the head (hurt temples, a forehead or a nape from two parties) beginning as heavy head . This pain gradually amplifies and can be followed by appetite loss, nausea, the head hurts monotonously.

We will dig more deeply. Why muscles strain? Together with a stress which plays not a major role you are guilty of it. When you accept this or that forbidden for the head a pose. Avoiding these poses and movements - parasites, you will suffer less often from headaches. So, of a pose and movement :

1) Do not press a chin to a breast - neither when you stand nor when you lie, reading now and then the book or watching TV. The chin in general under no circumstances should not be a point of support.

2) You sleep only on a convenient pillow, neither high, nor low that the cervical department of a backbone remained direct, but it was not bent.

3) Do not stoop when you sit, do not lean on chair armrests. If shoulders rise highly, muscles of a neck and a scalp will strain.

4) You do not sit long with low inclined head during the reading and work at the computer.

5) Long and persistent cough can also become the headache reason. Accept protivokashlevy preparations;

6) Do not frown and you do not wrinkle a forehead even if you were excited or angered.

do not grab tablets. is Well helped by a heat bath, a hot shower, self-massage of muscles of a forehead, napes, a temple, walk in the fresh air, physical warm-ups of muscles of the top humeral belt, a neck. Drink sweet to tea with a melissa, a pustyrnik, a valerian or warm milk with honey before going to bed - it gives relaxation of muscles and as a result - disposal of a headache. If nothing helps, then accept an analgetic, but not more often than 1 - 2 time a week, differently you will get used.

Migraine. a half of the head or both, but in turn Hurts. Pain pulses and is frequent it intensive, sometimes even puts to bed, accrues as avalanche, is followed by nausea, light - sound fear. The attack lasts from 4 hours to 3 days.

Reasons: the expansion of vessels of a brain capable to irritate sensitive receptors. This expansion is provoked by a lack of a dream, physical activities, hormonal shifts, hunger, the use of the products causing such expansion - nuts, chocolate, red wine and other alcohol, a citrus, smoked products. Accept nonsteroid anti-inflammatory preparations (a nurofen, paracetamol, aspirin) at a weak attack. At severe pain triptana - group of the preparations developed specially against migraine help.

Dangerous signals. 1) new, unusual pain Developed; 2) the headache amplifies every day; 3) pain arises at cough, sneezing, a natuzhivaniye; 4) pain is followed by dizziness, vomiting, a sleep, weakness of extremities; 5) pain develops in the morning and amplifies; 6) the headache arose for the first time after 50 years. At emergence of these signs run to the neurologist. You remember: sometimes the headache is a symptom of other, more serious disease.

Interesting fact. 10 - 15% of people if to trust statistics, at all never test a headache. Be not ill! See you again!