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How at the first acquaintance not to disappoint the girl in ICQ?

my number in ICQ oddly drop out in the first twenty by search in parameter: city of Rostov-on-Don, female. And, not very well, what age is specified, all the same my number drops out surely. And here all write me - write. On 30 - 40 people in usual day, in day off to 100 people. If I from phone, I am just hung up!

But not from quantity knocked, and from what all write same. Young people, read, please, and do not talk more so to girls. Here approximate dialogue (of course, I differently answer everyone, but an essence approximately such):


Hi how are you

(Without punctuation marks usually, but I already got used to it.)


Hi. How day? Kind? There are no affairs, all was already made.

(And how still to answer? As though, someone needs my affairs, especially to the person who was just knocked.)


you Mean have a rest time of affairs do not?

Ya: Is not present

. At work.

(Or I say that I do something else though in ICQ I, generally when work.)

It: where you work with


Ya: to You the place of work or the purpose is important


(Still usually all ask: And in what you are engaged in life? You study or work? As though in life it is only possible to study or work. I answer that I am engaged in life with life.) I work, actually, on wholesale base the sales manager, but I answer usually or that I am a janitor, or that I am an astronaut at a space station, or - the security guard in prison, or here so:


shalnolog I am


Yes?????? Who is it?????


Specialist in a shalnologiya, of course.

It: Will drop down

to be kidding tell where you work with

(Though, in fact, to all of them to spit where I work, it is just necessary to size up who I am is the simple seller missing in the expert or the mother`s spoiled daughter where I can be invited and whether it is possible to oversleep with me directly on the first appointment.)

Ya: I told

as whom I work.

It: send to

a photo!!!


On my website is)

It: Give to

the address!!


the Address in info, is watched there before to be knocked.

It: you look



Well, thanks.

I begins chatter which seldom brings me something new and interesting.

Or conversation goes on other course:


Ya from phone! I cannot watch the websites. Throw off a MMS!!!

(As though I have nothing to do, to throw off a MMS (and, it is desirable bared))


Ya too from phone, but the websites I can watch)

(And I am farther or I learn how to watch a photo, or we change a subject. I personally from anybody do not take the photo, it absolutely not that the living person.)

Seldom - seldom these people become my virtual friends though there is everyone. Speak, the person it is necessary to be able get to talking, I manage it, I am often said that it is good to communicate with me. Of course, well, I do not love standard chatter.

Now in we wash contact - a leaf already more than five hundred people, that with whom I communicate constantly, but new are knocked and knocked every day. ICQ - a thing good, I can switch off at any time it, and all. But the matter is that many virtual friends became real or real joined this program too, and once I leave in off, right there call: You why not in the expert?

My dear, I appreciate you that you at me are, I love you for the fact that you give me the attention and time, but give even in the virtual world we will not sow the ordinary and boredom.]