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How the French poet of the 16th century came to be in Stalin camp?

Guillaume du Ventre was born in 1553, Giza and Heinrich Navarrsky`s friend was Charles IX Valois`s contemporary, the duke. About this cruel and fine time known to us according to novels (Dumas, Hugo, Dryuon... set up authors) and about himself in it - he wrote hundred sonnets. Even his portrait remained.

I was taught by the vagrant minstrel,

Learned maiden eyes and lips,

I of nightingales a silver trill,

I a rustle of leaves of an ash-tree and an oak.

I the boy wandered about the coast,

Listening to waves to mysterious noise,

I the sea invested a thought with a rhyme,

I wind learned to compose verses.

I was taught by mountains and the woods;

From branches hanging down, the moss was interwoven into lines.

of my verses transparent beauty threw remains

of Gascon mornings.

Taught me But an essence at all not in it:

As can be the Gascon not the poet?!

Gascon, poet, philosopher. Dukes, kings, cardinals and musketeers. Huguenots and the Massacre of St. Bartholomew (du Ventre was for Huguenots!) . Women, duels and fights in taverns, wine and so on.

What is necessary for the nobleman? - The kind horse,

the Rapier, gold the ringing ingot,

And, above all - burgonsky surplus,

I - it is ready though in water though in fire!

You are drunk, Ventre? - You will think, a shame!

of the sins and thoughts burgonsky I throw a long roll

B as in a fire, -

Boil and foam, solar drink!

When the Lord of burgonsky tasted, It to paradise brought together by

all drunkards and revellers.

A of nondrinkers - to hell, on correction! I want

Ya to paradise! let will tell about me:

The Second Clarence, - he found death in " wine;

Still wine! In one wine rescue!

We already discussed various literary virtuals here. Not to confuse to pseudonyms - it is about completely fictional persons. The brilliant Kozma Prutkov is known to all (... or not everything, and?) we discussed beautiful Cherubina de Gabriac, mentioned Klara Gasul. Some readers will remember still Evgeny Sazonov, a lyudoved and a dushelyub from the 16th " page; Literaturki . Here also also Guillaume du Ventre was created.

But du Ventre has one difference from all others... Du Ventre`s

was created not in calm of libraries, and not at a friendly party, and not at a litobjedineniye meeting. Everything was much more terrible. Guillaume du Ventre was born not in Gascony and not in the 16th century, and in the Soviet concentration camp Free (estimate the name!) in 1943.

A. Simonov writes:

Here - that will also be to you thought strange, even not thought, and so, the imagination or a bad dream. And to take these free visionaries and to put in camp or a sharashka some. And after the sixteen-hour working day to give them the chance to compose cheerful aphorisms, plays or verses?!

Night. Silence. Fight of the tower clock...

their rusty groan is so intolerably sharp: it the spiteful clang of iron about iron is heard

B pipes impatient call

I, -

I who zhepridumat Gascon du Ventre and wrote his sonnets?

In 1943 in a concentration camp - plant under the humiliating name Free being on the route of present BAM, one of convicts - Yury Veynert , fell in exhaustion by an earth floor of foundry shop and, looking on flowing in molds the melted cast iron, smiled to the workmate Yakov Charon :

Here so Vulcan forged the weapon to god

Perseus of Pegasus collected to the road!. - Charon responded.

So the poetic commonwealth of two hungry intellectuals, emaciated, inspired by a spark of future poetry began back-breaking toil. Then - that there was also a noble Frenchman Guillaume du Ventre with his sonnets (Victor Rudayev (Illinois). MYSTIFICATION BEHIND the BARBED WIRE). (End of the quote).

Any fool will cope with enemies -

relieve us Of benefactors, My God! -

Says a proverb. Indeed, seemingly,

That kind - poor the dangerous enemy.

Having bought a donkey green glasses,

Chaff Jacques fed him to satiety,

the Donkey nearly licked a trough.

Jacques exulted: admire, little men!

Jacques saved on hay much:

the Donkey got used to sawdust and straw.

But in a month for some reason died.

... Burning with love for the neighbor, senores

Entered quitrents, having cancelled requisitions.

Exult, the peasant!... but look for a dirty trick.

Yury Veynert in 1935 only graduated from school. He was arrested on a mean denunciation in which charge was based on incidentally phrase of innocent contents, in the telegram of friends on his name. It appeared quite enough. At first it was banished on the North. Then, when removed Ezhov, let out him, he entered the Leningrad institute of railway transport. But at the first year he was arrested again (Beria`s era began), and he got to camp - " plant; Free where met Yakov Charon.

Charon Yakov Evgenyevich (1914 - 1972) - the sound technician, the teacher of the VGIK, was born in Moscow in the employee`s family. 1937, summer - arrest. The basis for arrest and charge - approximately the same. Counterrevolution and plot, or espionage in favor of Uganda, or digging of undermining from Moscow to Tokyo - what difference? Butyrsky prison. Sentence: 10 years of camps. All ten years left in camps of Eastern Siberia. There got acquainted with Yu. Veynert. In the 47th year left, in 48 arrested again - a termless exile in Zauralie, to the village of Abakan. There ached with tuberculosis.

I often against conscience sinned with

I of many was more insignificant and am weaker.

But was never changed to myself by me

I sold nobody soul.

Let enemies pour bile and late poison,

the Stupid hoof mine kick a corpse;

Let gossip gentle friends,

That I was mean, coward, envious, avaricious...

Rush! Spit mad

saliva On proud laurels, on my gravestone crepe -

At sight Stories your hoarse howl to Erase

it is powerless a name of du Ventre!

Let anything go on about me,

to me time - court, verses - my lawyer.

It is very good stylization reminding us Villon. Stamping lines, strictly sustained difficult form of the sonnet....

needs to be realized that Guillaume du Ventre`s creators could not use literature, about the French reference books and dictionaries in " camp; Free of course, and to conversation was not... There was no paper also and in general it was forbidden to write. In the Soviet camps creative activity was not encouraged at all. Created it was necessary to hide carefully from security guards and informers from among prisoners...

In 1954 Yakov Charon was released and rehabilitated. Died in 1972 - m of camp tuberculosis. And Yury Veynert died in mine under the obscure circumstances in 1951.

So far from hands the weapon is not beaten out,

is fated to breathe and think So far,

Ya I will not dilute with moisture of indifference

of my sonnets tart wine.

Not for this purpose I faceted rhymes anger

I blood dipped the feather,

in hearts That to Luvrsky fashionable lions and old maids

Caressed hearing of a roulade of sweet stanzas!

In days of tortures and fires, in deaf years,

my angry verse was conscience of the people,

Was cock shout at dawn.

I pay centuries at the price of rebellious life

For happiness - to be a singer of the Fatherland,

For the right - to be Guillaume du Ventre.]