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How to hide a water pipe in a wall?

When we started repair in a bathroom, came up against such situation: the metal pipes conducting water to neighbors passed centimeters in ten from our wall. They it is constant sweated blackened, were inclined to rust and did not allow to put a bathtub closely to a wall. It was necessary to do something.

So, we specify a disposition: the general pipe disturbs us, at the same time we consider it rather strong, we are not afraid to damage fatally it and are ready to emergency situations. We venture: let`s hide the general pipe in a wall! For this purpose we gather:

1) to organize cutoff of water for the period of repair;

2) to mount a new, flexible site of a water supply system;

3) to cut a piece of the general pipe;

4) to replace one pipe another, having drowned new part of a water supply system in a wall. We managed it. We tell how we made it.

A complex organizational challenge - for a while to disconnect water. Independently we do not recommend to do it extremely: both on practical, and for the legal reasons. There is also such risk: You will begin to twist the shabby gate in a water well, and it will grunt . And who will be guilty?.

So it is necessary to resolve this issue with the local municipal enterprise. Time to you will be given a little. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare replacement to a piece of a pipe in advance, of koroty it is decided to get rid. It is optimum to take a metalplastic pipe as a basis with an internal diameter of 20 mm. It will require deepening in a wall which should be punched in advance, using a saw - Bulgarian chisel and hammer.

Be tried on in what places you will cut off the general pipe. On cuts you will cut a carving to which fasten a site of a metalplastic pipe. Having slightly bent, it will be possible to hide it in in advance punched deepening in a wall. Why not welding? But we speak about independent repair. To cut a carving the hands, believe, much more simply.

We will stop in more detail on cutting of a carving on a pipe.

You will need a special pipe ram with graggers . Do not forget to measure previously diameter of the pipe (most likely, it at you three quarters of inch, i.e. its external diameter of 25 - 27 mm).

In a hozmaga will probably offer you two options: one import, beautiful and useless. Another - domestic, less beautiful, but working. But it has a shortcoming too: the handle is too short, and the effort of a hand can not be enough. Therefore do not regret some money and buy a scrap of a pipe: it will extend the handle.

Masters very much advise when cutting a carving on a pipe to grease both a pipe, and a die with fat. Buy on a market of unsalted fat.

You will need to punch deepening in a wall behind a pipe that the die was located (these are about 3 - 4 cm).

So, you cut off the Bulgarian in the planned places an old pipe. On cuts you do facet : you sharpen pipe walls. It is the simplest to make a facet Bulgarian with the grinding disk.

Then - the most difficult. It is necessary to make the first thread carvings. You grease both a pipe, and a die with fat. You dress a die on a pipe. Do not mix the party of a die: it is necessary to put on the directing party.

You switch graggers so that it did not move a die at rotation when moves counterclockwise. Pressing a hand a die to a pipe, you begin to move to and fro the handle, having put on it a scrap of a pipe. On the return to the course it cracks without moving a die. After two turns of a die you switch graggers also you return a die on one and a half turns: the carving is formed not only at direct, but also at reverse motion of a die.

To you will be rather cut part of a pipe of one centimeter for fastening to it a metalplastic pipe.

Thus you cut a carving on both scraps of a pipe.

Now it was necessary to wind the cut carving with tow and to fasten to it in advance collected site from metalplastic pipes.

Unfortunately to learn whether everything is collected well, it is possible only in one way: to start up water and to look whether connections flow. Perhaps, it is necessary to touch some them them.

It is still quite real that neighbors will come in you with the complaint that at them the water pressure fell. It will be caused by the fact that the water which arrived to them after your repair will be polluted - for example, sawdust.

Here so sweating and the blackening pipe in your bathroom has every chance to become history. And for this purpose it is worth working!]