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What do we know about plants - signs of a flower horoscope? Poppy.

in Every spring sad monotony of the Kazakhstan steppe for several days as if blow up the scarlet fire. Seen such beauty once will remember it, as well as I, all life. It blossoms poppy.

In a flower horoscope the period after the Mimosa, is allocated from March 1 to March 10 for a bright sign. The spring begins. It is time to forget about cold weather and to remember violence of life.

Mack`s beauty stupefies like opium. It is easy to be caught in the stupefying net, and here not everyone manages to get out of them. Mack`s way is difficult and covered with thorns. Will be able to overcome difficulties, to achieve success only the one who trusts in the forces. So characterizes the people who were born under the sign of Mack a flower horoscope.

Poppy which Latin name Papaver, is a sort of the grassy plants differing in the red flowers and availability of lacteal juice large, as a rule. Of course, since the childhood poppy flowers of various coloring are known to all. But the majority of them is output by the person in the decorative purposes. Natural colors - red, white and yellow.

Poppies color is beautiful and bright, but is short-lived. Blossoms in the Afternoon - flies " at night; - say in the people. Other proverb: The Maid not poppy, in one day will not fly .

Flowers single, on long tsvetonosa. Are generally pollinated by insects, at some types self-pollination is possible. A fruit in the form of a box. You remember how in them the ripened seeds rattle from a potryakhivaniye? On a stamen the town, in it seven hundred voivodes . Actually, it is much more seeds in a box of poppy, to 300 thousand kernels.

More than 100 species of herbs, both long-term, and one-year occur among poppies. Grow in moderate, subtropical less often - in cold zones. In Russia and the CIS over 70 types got accustomed. The most often found poppies - a samoseyka (Papaver rhoeas) and east (Papaver orientale).

To people useful properties of poppy are known and are used long ago. From seeds of poppy reaped special oil which was applied to cultivation of icon-painting paints. It quite suited also for food.

In ancient Russia medovara added poppy seeds to hot honey and a mead. Unlike rolls with raisin which joke about emergence is colourfully described pesnyary Moscow Gilyarovsky, kalatches, steering-wheels and drying with poppy were popular both in the poorest environment, and among the rich long ago. Even the proverb speaks: Poppy Is black and boyars eat! . Except pastries there is also a set of other dishes. With a poppy milk cooked caviar, and fried a herring moved on a table under poppy " stewed fruit;.

Today active fight against crops of poppy somnolent or opium is conducted. In Russia its cultivation and other similar types is legislatively forbidden. But in ancient times people knew about hallucinogenic and somnolent properties. Mercy wine with seeds of poppy allowed to drink for relief of sufferings unfortunate, sentenced to death.

Tribes of Scythians drank poppy broth, and during festivals in fires burned the dried poppy stalks and inhaled the stupefying smoke. The Russian peasants gave poppy broth to sick and uneasy children in order that they better slept. I in the childhood learned about it from the grandmother.

Petals of poppy were recommended by national doctors at treatment of cough and diseases of an urinary system. In modern pharmaceutical production immature walls of boxes found application.

Poppy - a paradise flower, we will find it both in the bible Eden, and in the Persian paradise. The paradise flower is beautiful. In Ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome it was a guest of honor of each garden. The first Greeks entered poppy into culture and grew up it not only for the sake of seeds, but also as an ornamental plant.

Today we guess loves - does not love using a camomile. But in Ancient Greece guessed on poppy petals. At various times attributed to a plant various magic properties. Was considered that poppy possesses ability to drive away evil spirit. There was a custom to fill poppy grains in the bride`s shoes in order that she did not remain childless.

As well as to the majority of signs - plants the flower horoscope allocates for Mack only one decade. It will be replaced by modest, pure and charming Lilia. Let`s get acquainted with it in the following article.]