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From where children undertake? Read about it in fairy tales!

In the play Bluebird of happiness it is shown - the old man Vremya takes out children to our world on a castle from the heavenly palace, everyone in the turn. When the criminal comes to our world, and once just the child of whose diseases his brothers and sisters have to die, and once - the good person who it is hardworking works and refuses to nobody help, and once - the person empty and idle, weak, lazy and weak-willed, and once - desperate which will lay down life on recklessness, but perhaps will speak well of it, and sometimes - the great scientist who the opening will relieve mankind of many troubles and still will strengthen its situation on the earth, or the one who will make a feat for the sake of all people of the world at the price of the life... Many children still wait for the turn in the heavenly palace, and we do not know which of them when comes to our world.

Perhaps children and in the earth are dug out. Well it is certain, the vegetable version of an origin just like that cannot be rejected! Read about the boy - a bulbinka? Or here Chipollino too for a cop from the earth was pulled out, and still it had a girlfriend Redisochka. In Union of Ashy Wings it is shown - in a crack between floor plates in the Old House where the sunlight beam falls, imperceptibly sprouts something like a dandelion, and quickly expands in a huge cocoon. So this cocoon is found suddenly, all rush to tidy up and clean in the room because it will occur already soon, lay pure sheets on a bed, and here new Haybane is born, and it is surrounded at once by friends, help to get on feet, to accustom to this world, to find to itself the place and business in which you will be able to be engaged.

I do not know as about cabbage, but in general plants are entered in this concept. Thumbelina appeared from a flower like a lily, still something was about children from huge lotuses, about a tree at which fruits the shell burst, and from it there were babies, and in the southern regions of Russia said that children appear on a melon field among kavun, the same as a kavuna, ripen, and then the stalk falls off a navel, and leaves around a fruit turn into diapers.

And there was in Africa a poor woman, absolutely alone. Also it on the small field grew up a few pumpkins. Put them under a roof to dry, and the biggest - at the center that the kalebasa for water turned out. And here is how - that pumpkins rise and speak - hi, mother, we are your children! And really it were children. Also all of them began it to help about the house, to work amicably in the field. At first the elder brother, the fact that lay at the center placed them every evening on rail-posts, and they became pumpkins till the morning, and then mother asked them to be always children because she wants that they were with it that she sang them lullabies, watched by the light of a flame from the center as they sleep. But time became angry about them, swore and shouted - yes you are just pumpkins! Looks - and it has no more children any more, and the dried wrinkled pumpkins lie

my Midori from a flower was born. Therefore loves flowers because they remind her mother. And so I told it that Andersen wrote about a stork, such essay as parents is expected by appearance of the child, mother of a diaper and a baby`s undershirt sews, the father makes a bed, in the house tidy up, well and at last the stork is. And Midori is grounded in questions of human anatomy and physiology, I bought the encyclopedia to it, and so she speaks - the child appears from mother`s body at what here a stork? I am not what to answer... And she already - and, I understood! Also you know that? She represents it how the stork, such in a suit and a hat comes as in that book it is drawn, with sakvoyazhiky, gets a snow-white dressing gown from there and dresses it, gloves on wings - generally, it has a long beak, and it to them gets the child, cuts an umbilical cord and so on... So stork here not superfluous!

Here some defend the scientific theory. Children turn out by merge of man`s and female gametes. After merge the general cage begins to share. As a result in 9 months after conception - merges of gametes - begin reductions of muscles of a uterus - fights by means of which the fruit (child) is extorted from a uterus.

Sometimes pass childbirth by means of operation of Cesarean section. The belly wall and a uterus is cut, and the child is taken from mother by doctors.

is Like, clear to you now from where and how children undertake?

It scientifically, but absolutely not romantically and very roughly! Can to students at medical institute it is necessary tell about cages, embryos and other low-appetizing things, and here my Midori was born in a flower. She associates each flower with the mother. And here still the girl appeared, however, grew up from a swan plumelet beautiful, but bad... Then still was - cut a cucumber, and there the boy - with - a finger.

Some the old man with the old woman to themselves stuck together the daughter from snow, in general tried - molded the beautiful girl, but not the rough woman from three spheres. Workmen resolve this issue - someone from a pine log of the little boy planed, there was an iron boy Kyodino - the Tack, kind generally, though the idler, and prevented then war - agreed with guns and tanks in a familiar way.

The son Stekolshchika at Veniamin Kaverin was absolutely transparent and in general invisible, then Giacomo from Gianni Rodari`s fairy tale, is crystal - transparent as honesty - his thoughts were visible to all and did not allow to sleep to cruel oppressors. Krapivin had a drummer Tilka - his glass affairs the master made of droplets of hot glass. Though there was an inconvenience - the fragile boy will not be brought up in the habitual way, and it the rascal is not worse than others!

And to these people about fights and Cesarean section just right in sausage department to work with their theory! Of course, those still cases happen - here the woman inadvertently snatched to herself a finger a sechka, turned in a rag, put on a bench - and a little later on a bench shout was distributed. It with the husband was was upset - they did not plan children and but the boy Teryoshka clever appeared, ate a little, and worked as big. It was wanted to be stolen, however, but he right there ran away moreover took knot with property of the thief - that person rather well-to-do appeared. So also punished itself - wanted to take away the only thing from the poor and to the riches to add but only suffered a loss. Old men had boots, ware, good clothes, the iron, an oil lamp and even books. They learned to read a little in the childhood at school of rural church parish. And books also with the lithographed illustrations appeared - simply a miracle!

Still someone can tell - from a camel... In the African, New Zealand, okeaniysky legends people occur from different animals, consider them for the relatives, carry out family vows. Then already told crocodiles, albatrosses, monkeys - you to us not rovnya! There were a sorcerer Sova, the brave Indian soldier Koyot, the Great Raven, the Eagle Bringing Rosa, the Bison - the Keeper Ognya, the Cougar Doing Tips of Arrows Of Quartz... In Siberia people became related with bears, gluttons. Someone called a wolf the brother. There was a boy - a baby squirrel, the boy - a hedgehog, the boy - a young frog and the boy - a small lizard.

Still so speak - mother to all of us cheese the earth. We leave it - in it and we leave, and what from us remains, in the earth regenerates and gives life to new beings.

A was the Boy - the Star. His friend was born in the wood. And Little Prince had an unearthly origin.

And I have relatives - cats. Not wild - city, possessors of cellars, attics and garbage cans. Though to forest nekoch which carry a good knife and onions with arrows get fish of ostrogy in fast streams, treat herbs and paternosters, own shaman magic, and live on trees, I have which too - what relation ]