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What to do if hair drop out? Several myths and several councils of

At a meeting with the person we pay attention first of all to the person. But also what surrounds it has to be that is called at height . But if your personal height that is your head of hear, is bald or is absent, or you just want to contain it in a normal state, you should read this article surely. And it will not prevent other people but only will help. For a start we will discredit several myths about hair and care of them .

At the beginning baldness shampoos against a hair loss help. Shampoo as a remedy against a hair loss is insufficiently effective because duration of its impact on indumentum is minimum. The bulb hair lies deeply, and there have to be special components - conductors which would deliver necessary components directly to a bulb. As a rule, as such components the alcohols and alcohol-containing solutions which are contained in medical lotions and serums, but not shampoos act.

The wave, laying, and coloring lead to a hair loss. No way. Because they do not influence a hair bulb. Both laying, and a wave, and coloring only influence structure of hair, doing them drier and fragile, splitting and dim.

When hair drop out, they should be combed less often. Complete nonsense. When combing the dead who can be late in skin of your head for a period of up to three months are depilated already. Besides, combing and massage are useful as they improve blood circulation of the head, so, and food of hair bulbs.

By the way. Interesting fact. On the head of one person of 160 thousand hair. It approximately on 270 filaments on one square centimeter.

Long hair drop out more often. In spite of the fact that loss of long hair is more noticeable, than short, it not so. Length of hair influences the term of their life, it affects their structure. Than the hair is longer, that it longer it is exposed to various adverse external effects - coloring, drying, ultra-violet radiation etc. Therefore long hair demand more careful leaving.

Frequent washing promotes strengthening of a hair loss. The correct and timely clarification of head skin is necessary. At the same time the dead hair is washed away, but loss of healthy is not provoked. If not to wash the head in time, the hair all the same will drop out, but we will receive the inflammation, dandruff connected with increase of activity of microflora of head skin. It is important to wash the head correctly. Most of people are inclined to the increased greasiness. They need to wash the head it less often than 1 - 2 time a week with an oily hair shampoo, and only after that to apply balm, a mask or the conditioner on hair.

And what is correct? do not forget

about vitamins. as Construction material for our head of hear serves the proteinaceous food, and force and gloss to it are added by a protein and vitamins C and Century. In other words, you need to use meat and a liver, and also grain, bean, a citrus, nuts, fat fish. But the result will be visible only in several months after transition to this diet .

Correctly choose shampoo. It has to contain vitamins C, In, E, Retinolum, pantenol. Do not forget that shampoo is chosen under head skin type, but not a hair. Wash with

hair correctly. Trichologists (specialists in care of hair and head skin) advise to wash hair of times in three - four days. And on pravilam:1) it is impossible to wash hair with hot water - it stimulates work of sebaceous glands; 2) if there is opportunity, do not wash hair with water from - under the crane. It is too rigid. For to wash it is better to use the boiled or filtered water; 3) it is better not to comb wet hair - they are easily injured.

Main reasons for a sharp hair loss: heredity, childbirth, abortion, high temperature during an illness, a stress, some drugs, sharp weight loss. (Loss begins after 3 - 4 months after influence of an adverse factor).

And finally, interesting fact. To 80% of percent of heat leaves a human body through the head. So put on caps at frosty weather and do not walk in the rain bare-headed not to grow bald. See you again!