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Mother-in-law. And as to fight against it... How?

U me there is a mother-in-law. Here it would be possible to finish the narration because, as a matter of fact, all and is told these. Happy owners of it will understand me at once. But it is, from it will not get to anywhere, but also it is just necessary to fight. (Hey, the young woman, you should not grab a kitchen knife. Mokrukh - a method not for us).

You come home from work, as always the fatigue is big, and the desire to prepare for your promised a cutlet on - Kiev is almost equal to zero.

And here phone call is distributed. Calls mummy . Your darling flies up to phone: Hallo and, hi, mother... No, did not eat yet, it (Ha!) just came... Perhaps, will prepare something... well nothing terrible, I for breakfast ate today a miracle - the " cottage cheese;... I will endure hunger... to me not to get used... To come for a dinner to you? Now I will be! . You, of course, overhear, and blood already began to start to boil, and the husband with an easy smile calls you at this time to the mother for dinner, listing dishes which (every day!) she prepares for the folder.

Your first reaction? 1. To polish a hokhotalnik to the husband. 2. To water with a plentiful mat all his family. 3. To read long lecture about harm of late meal.

By no means! As it is sad, it is necessary to trudge for dinner. In - the first, we will not give a svekrukha joy the absence. It is unprecedented luxury. In - the second, time spent by your husband on a visit at mother, in direct ratio to quantity of the gnusnost in your address which flew from her the lips which are slightly covered by a grin. So collect will in a fist and go. It is possible to look at this business on the other hand: also you will eat for free, and at a successful deal you will be able to impair a little its sincere spirit properly.

So, you already on a visit. Touching kisses in a cheek and assurances of eternal respect behind... And here you sit at a table fully equipped. Svekrukh soup on plates and, as if accidentally spills, fingering synulyu on a chin, notices: Oh, you also grew thin for the last n of years (n - number of years from the moment of registration of your marriage) .

Oh, and you know, we after six do not eat, we have such diet. And at once began to feel better, whether so, gold?

So far your gold mumbles something it seems I do not know how it is better, but the stomach reduces so at night that mother do not grieve! you quickly and loudly continue supposedly and you should go on a diet, but not at the nights to gluttonize here. Phrases well will be suitable for this case: Soup very tasty, only on meat broth already nobody prepares, it is too much " cholesterol; or Stuffed peppers just amazing, you specially do not add some meat to forcemeat? It is correct, it is worth thinking, whether not to become the vegetarian .

Then it is possible to start vast conversation how you are tired at work and about the fact that the husband at Yulka makes a dinner from seventeen dishes for her arrival. (Though Yulka - that so-so, the blonde colored, anything special.) And at Zhenka the husband earns much and comes behind it on Audi (A8, 2008 of release, is dark - blue color, 45 thousand dollars), and then it is lucky it to have supper in restaurant...

Yes. And the most important, do not forget to screw as you will go for the weekend to your parents, with the vast story that your husband - such nice fellow - adores the mother-in-law to such an extent that it is ready to go to them every day and in general... (in general think up depending on circumstances). And all this by a soft unostentatious voice, with a pleasant smile of the deceived bride. You will never (and why its lovely, such kind and sympathetic the synula got this and the intriguer) find understanding in her eyes, but to tease the mother-in-law - business pleasant and often the bringing satisfaction.

Do not forget to tell in the heat of parental conversation with the son yet: Darling, already late and we must get up early - we will go home, beloved . That knew that the son does not belong to them any more, and is entirely in your tenacious pads. And especially, that understood: his communication with the parents depends only on your desire and on them to you a good attitude...

Well, on the first time there are enough mucks. Come back home with feeling of the fulfilled duty, without forgetting to complain at the same time of heartburn and stomach pain after magnificent feasts.]