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Business on misfortune? No, blessing!

Special people This definition concerns not only to those who are marked out by outstanding abilities. It and people whose abilities are much lower than averages, with the physical restrictions caused by heredity, a serious illness, patrimonial and other injuries.

Parents and the immediate environment of such people on the physical, financial and sincere capacities try to create them conditions for normal life, but not everyone manages it as they would like it.

Cases when disabled people such are not integrated into society are not rare, appear people on a roadside . At the same time there are families which are ready to pay somebody for that care of their suffering relatives was more professional that they were given a minimum of intellectual development that provided them leisure and so forth and so forth.

About such organization I heard for the first time at the exhibition devoted to difficulties in training which took place in Tel - to Avivah on December 17 - 18, 2007. I was struck by scope and range of interests of this surprising (can be, even unique) the organizations.

On its website (Hebrew, www. b-e. org. il) plunges only one list of activities into amazement. You judge:

- quality of life and support,

- special people,

- provision of housing,

- job security,

- ensuring training.

Section Special people begins with the phrase: We are convinced that each person - special, at everyone is the requirements and aspirations. In Ekstein`s House support for such special people as " is given; there is a transfer further suffering from any diseases influencing development of the person: abnormal, insane, autists, plokhoobuchayemy etc.

Provision of housing - perhaps, one of the most peculiar areas of work of this organization. Our task - to give the chance to people with specific features to improve quality of life, having lodged them in the house situation corresponding to daily requirements. .

At schools for children with such heavy deviations the corresponding support which not only gives knowledge is provided to each child, but also focuses on life after school (training is provided under supervision of the Ministry of Education).

Lists of actions which are carried out for various categories of patients are provided in the help section of the website. Data of researches of efficiency of various ways of treatment for different patients are provided in the same section.

What gives such approach according to work of the organization? Openness, information which is available on the website allows relatives of patients to receive knowledge as well as that will be with their relatives, to make the decision not because the uncle so solved, and is conscious.

The special section - Last letters - letters of wards Ekstein`s Houses . In them - impressions of vacation, of sorties at the sea, on the nature, from achievements in training.

It is necessary to tell that in Israel we daily meet such people (I do not undertake to claim that all of them are under guardianship Ekstein`s Houses ) . They in the bus groups with attendants (and sometimes - and without) go for work and from work, for them departures at cinema, on various attractions and so forth will be organized. They live in normal apartments (can be, leased, and can be - belonging to the organization which sponsors them), go to shops, buy products.

For them there are also public institutions providing them normal vital conditions. But where on social features (first of all - the family income on soul) from a family surcharge is required, it can be quite chosen and such warm house as " organization; Ekstein`s House .

Someone will tell that here - pure business and nothing, except a profit. It is possible to object to it that in such institutions the huge number of the experts loving the business works. Such work requires so many sincere forces that only devotees can sustain emotional loadings in such institutions.

Here it is bad to work it is impossible: there will be no clients, nobody will give you the relative or the descendant. Therefore the competition (in good sense) promotes high level in all spheres.

A type of business - very heavy. Both patients, and their relatives - special people. They require attention and understanding. There is no easy money here. But if there are a soul and aspiration to help someone - work will satisfy completely.

I do not know whether there are in Russia organizations of this kind. And if is not present - it is possible to borrow what is created in other countries (in Israel - in particular).]