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Whether so this literature is necessary to us?

since the childhood drove in Into all of us (or more precisely will be to tell - implanted) opinion that literature is an unconditional value, and erudition - indispensable attribute of the harmonious personality. And as we are the people generally Russian-speaking, and people Russian culture (as one ghoul of a non-russian origin liked to speak), as top of tops got used to consider literature Russian. Whether so it in general?

Actually what is literature? To whom is it necessary and who fully uses it? A narrow layer of the so-called intellectuals which it is unknown what in general is. It is worth starting conversation on what is the intellectuals and who such these intellectuals - as turns out that any of obvious, apparently, properties - erudition, politeness, level of culture, tactfulness, education, language skills etc. - is not the SUFFICIENT condition to be considered as the intellectual. And too is not NECESSARY. Speaking more simply, it is possible to do without any of these qualities - and to be an intellectual, and it is possible to possess all - and the intellectual everything is not to become. Unsteadily! unsteadily! They are very far from the people as other ghoul liked to speak.

Besides recently level inquiries significantly decreased: if without knowing three earlier - four languages, it was impossible to be considered as the intelligent person, then now this requirement in general is unrealistic. Reaches that the intellectual declare everyone who can correctly write this word. And I will tell you, it is not so to many people it turns out.

The same and with erudition, that is a large number of the read LITERATURE. Well for example: the person graduated from HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION, it has the HIGHER education, and there can be even a thesis, a scientific rank. Whether intellectual it?, It seems, yes. And whether he read, for example, I ask about Erasmus Rotterdamsky, and at least Veresayev or Skabichevsky? I will give tooth that is not present. It is good still if he though knows that Erasmus Roterodamus is not cheese, and Karamzin - not the priest - a star.

And why to me yours of Erasma, - he asks, - if I am Candidate of Technical Sciences and invented a superstrong alloy for a fringing of oil pipes or the device for instant calculation of dynamics of a hair loss at the patient? Reading yours Raymundov Lulliyev, you will not pump up a lot of oil, and instead of a rheostat you will not insert into the microwave oven of Walter Scott.

At the real intellectuals it is accepted to wrinkle a nose here and to break an eyebrow. Like, what prose. And they - that too and pressure to themselves measure not by a string, and not by horses go to library of Academy of Sciences. So still a question - who the intellectual pointelligentisty: the one who bends an eyebrow, or the one who creates all these mattsennost and conditions for life.

But I not about it. I about literature. Millions of people worldwide perfectly live to themselves, build houses, bake croissants, grow up rice, treat animals, look for ore, water the vineyards, donate for charity, raise children - without this literature. And not from it become less than are kind and noble.

Whether literature helps with life? Or it only disturbs, rubbing salt on our sincere wounds, causing pity in different occasions which in life never to us and met? Litters our brain with the invented collisions, difficult moral subtleties and equivoques? Poseivayet of doubt is in what to doubt at all and to anything?

At the remarkable writer Romain Hary (by the way, you - that read Romain Hary? And?) there is such episode: to his mother, sobbing, Zhorzhetta abandoned by it - Lizetta came, and told: madam! Your son badly treated me. He forced me to read Turgeneva, Chekhov and Dostoyevsky. How to me to live now?!

Whether so we should prevent to live to ourselves and to the children, tablespoons pushing this literature in the head?