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Old fortress: who created this stone miracle?

the State of Podolia were covered Million years ago by the Sarmatian sea. As a result of formation of Carpathians Mountains the sea receded. On the place of its former bottom calcareous mountains - Podilski Tovtry which in the people for abundance of melliferous plants call Medoborami were formed.

In the very ancient time our edge was famous for the wealth. The earth here very well gave rise, such high grass grew in steppes that horns of the biggest ox were imperceptible from a distance. Bees was so many that all of them could not take place in hollows of trees and therefore crowded directly in the earth. Sometimes, that from - under legs of the passerby streams of excellent honey " splashed; - the teacher of history Lazarev, the hero of the novel of Belyaev " tells about this wonderful corner of Podolia; Old fortress .

In this region, in small, but very ancient town of Kamyanets-Podilsky there are main events of the novel. Our city, especially in the spring when willows in Stary Boulevard blossom is beautiful and the ancient, obomshely walls of Old fortress, stone city gate, watchtowers leaned against rocks along river banks become covered by greens and flowers! From any crack the young growth " makes the way to the sun;

According to an ancient legend, nephews of the grand Lithuanian duke Olgerd, brothers of Koryatovichi were founders Kamyanets-Podilsky. Once during hunting for a deer to their look the wonderful view of the gorge and a rocky bulk behind it opened. Here we will put our city which will become unapproachable for enemies! - the senior from brothers exclaimed. And made.

The old part of the city settled down on the rocky peninsula around which the river Smotrich does almost full bend. Steep rocks climb both parties of Smotrich. From rocks which - where streams flow down, forming tiny falls - maiden tears . From the Old city along the bottleneck of a bend on a strip of sushi through Zamkovy bridge it is possible to get to Old fortress.

Fortress was repeatedly reconstructed. On a contour 11 powerful towers were at various times constructed: in Black there is a deep well, and Tenchinskaya, Ruzhanka and Lyanskoronskaya of a tower are constructed so that from them jump aside gun kernels. On the edge of Zarechie, the coast has Konetspolsky`s tower - for a long time she guards an entrance to the city from the North, from Zarechie .

The smallest tower is called Ruzhanka, and that, dilapidated that costs near serf gate, is nicknamed a strange name - Donna. And near Donna over fortress the highest of all - the Papal tower towers. It costs on the wide quadrangular base, in the middle octahedral, and above, under a roof, round. Eight dark loopholes look to the country, at Zarechie, and in depth of the serf yard. In the Papal tower at the tsar Nikolay the First the famous Ukrainian insurgent Ustin Karmelyuk pined. - we read in the novel at Belyaev.

Tell that the Turkish sultan Othman II struck with power of fortifications and towers, and also the deep gorge surrounding the city exclaimed: Who created this stone miracle? . Probably, Allah - answered it loyal. So let Allah also takes fortress! - the sultan told and ordered to recede to troops.

As showed finds of archeologists, Koryatovichi not the first chose the rocky peninsula. In its territory fragments of ceramics, the tool from bronze and early iron of allegedly tripolsky and Chernyakhovsk periods were found. Also the Roman coins of the second century are found here. Researches of Zamkovy bridge showed that in the bridge connecting the Old city to fortress the design of times of the Roman emperor Traian is hidden.

Researches of the Old city and ancient fortress continue and who knows what secrets still scientists should reveal.]