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Whether the crocodile on a t-shirt bites?

there was a suitcase In the beginning. This gift (sound, from a crocodile leather) was promised by the captain of a French team on tennis to the young musketeer of Renee Lacoste if that wins very important match of the Davis Cup.

Rene tried, the captain kept the promise, the American press did not become puzzled and awarded the tennis player with the original nickname Alligator . So and to remain Rene slozhnoproiznosimy, toothy and zoological - verified, but here French interfered with the course of history. They changed a nickname with terrible Alligator on peace Crocodile who though strong, but smiles to kids regularly. By the way, this nickname was ideally suited to its style of game - persistent, tenacious, rigid and bearing fruit: Rene won US Open and Wimbledon twice, three times Roland Garros became the first racket of the world also twice.

The rest was a trick with which at Rene - the athlete was all right. The tennis player`s friend Robert George drew a small nice krokodilchik. Rene registered it on the blazer. Krokodilchik did not resist. The public received additional incentive to attend matches of the bright, charismatic player.

However life convinces us that the tranquility and relative happiness are accustomed and to fail, and an expiration date. The solid age, bronchitis came, and at the beginning of 30 - x years Rene left big-time sports with lots of regalia and a crocodile. In this situation athletes, on the one hand already old for continuous competitions, but full of vital energy and quite still to anything begin to find hastily and convulsively to themselves the place in life. This problem hardly disturbed Rene. Still playing tennis, it proved the dandy - the experimenter and in the Open Championship of the USA replaced fashionable then shirts with a long sleeve with a prototype of a modern t-shirt. However, he to be satisfied with what has already been achieved did not think and in 1933 together with the famous textile industrialist of Andre Gillier opened La Societe Chemise Lacoste specializing in t-shirts. The crocodile found new life.

Further the brand grew and developed, gaining popularity not only among tennis players, but also among progressive masses. White t-shirts were replaced with color. Obeyed as if under the pressure of dark troops of Tamerlan, the American market. Krokodilchik passed into final property of a dynasty of Lacoste. In 70 - x years points, belts, perfumery, footwear joined t-shirts The family of crocodiles continued to develop and extend (in 2005 5 million zubastik found the owners!) .

And Rene Lacoste, by the way, lived very long and solid life, contrary to bronchitis and other vital disorders. He died only in 1996 at the age of 94 years. However its restlessness, persistence and love to experiments still lives in a little green crocodile at heart, protecting nowadays Andy Roddick, Richard Gasquet, Tatyana Golovin and me. Lives, inspiring us on courageous decisions and bright execution, obliging us to correspond and give all miracles in which Rene`s life was so rich.

Style, elegance and grace of gesture are also important, as well as a feat So great words that even the free translation from French is not capable to repay them magic shine. For me a t-shirt or spirits of Lacoste - not just a thing, and an occasion to live cheerfully, stylishly and dashingly through desperate boredom of the events. A drop of an ancient generous blagorodnost in a machine cloud of the big city. Unexpectedly friendly crocodile with the submitting ulybochka. And for you?]