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What is Wi - Fi technology?

of Wi - Fi - (an abbreviation from Wireless Fidelity - wireless high precision) is the format of transfer of digital data gaining steam on radio channels.

The Wi technology - Fi is constantly improved that allows to transfer a bigger data flow, provides more reliable communication and protection.

Lately Wi - Fi are supplied with technologies laptops, cell phones, a PDA, game consoles and even computer mice.

Applications of Wi - Fi are rather universal, it can be used where it is undesirable or not opportunities to make a wire network. Wi - Fi can be used for the general Internet access, for example at small office.

We will assume, you have a server with Internet connection, and you should connect to it some number of the computers which are in one room without excess wires which will spoil a type of your office. In this case you will be helped by the point of access (Access Point) connected to your server.

The antenna which is included in the package has to be enough to provide a signal cover zone approximately in a radius of 100 meters. To enter other computers into a network, will be to install you enough the wireless network interface card in each of computers. Thus at you the local network with Internet access and without uniform wire will turn out.

The Wi technology - Fi can be used also at rather long distances. It is carried out at the expense of antennas. Antennas happen directed and sector.

The directed antennas it is used for connection of two points of access. They can transmit a signal to very long distances, and direct visibility is not even obligatory, but the signal can spoil very strongly.

Sector antennas serve for data transmission on some area. There are several modifications of the antennas capable to send a signal to 360 degrees. But they significantly concede to the directed antennas in a distance of a signal transmission and, often, in its quality.

That is, by means of two directed antennas it is possible to unite two points which are on a sufficient distance from each other. Two computers, and two enough big local networks can be these points as only. Unfortunately, in the second case of Wi - Fi the channel will be constantly strongly loaded and it will do not suit for transfer of large volumes of information.

I already gave an example of use of the sector antenna above. But with more powerful sector Wi antenna - Fi it is possible to achieve more global application.

Of course, at Wi - Fi of technology exist also shortcomings. One of them is a small speed of data transmission, especially if this Wi - Fi - the channel at the same time uses several people. One more essential minus of Wi - Fi - the fact that it is resolved not in all countries. And in some countries of any Wi - Fi - the channel demands obligatory registration. For an illegal channel you can fine and confiscate the equipment.

So before planning Wi - Fi a network, it is worth approaching it very responsibly.