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In what feature of a national booze?

... I decided to get out the other day on a visit to the girlfriend. I make the way on a dark ladder on the third floor and suddenly unexpectedly I stumble about someone`s breathless corpse lying directly on steps.

The first thought born in a brain: Guard! Mummies! Killed! . But the horror quickly passes because I remember about presence at Irina remarkable neighbor - to put the passionate fan for a collar and in general the identity of marginal from all directions.

What is interesting, there is this incident to me not the first time. Well, the uncle loves it is business - and all here! Do not feed him with bread, only let`s drink and settle in the most improper place... Also is not present to this to the fighter of the alcoholic " front; of business to the fact that someone easily can stumble in the dark about it and, at best, it is serious be frightened (as I), and in the worst to break to itself something.

However, in a warm season this subject prefers to rest in the yard on a shop (it if is enough forces for it to climb up, and if not, then and under it it is quite good). Well, for now it is still coldish whether you know... However, it is still good what reaches an entrance, and that it is possible and to fall asleep in a snowdrift in the winter. To fall asleep and not to wake up. And such cases how many was!.

It is thought that to speak to this person and persons, to it similar, about culture of consumption of alcoholic drinks it is useless. Such take not quality, but quantity. And really, why, it is asked, to buy one bottle of qualitative wine when for the same money it is possible to get three - four plodovo - favorable ?

The snack too is not obligatory attribute at all. And if the story of my casual fellow traveler in the train how they with friends had five together a snack on one semechka it is possible to reduce to a usual joke, standing somehow in turn in shop I, at least, slightly was stunned, uslykhav the order of two typical hard workers standing ahead. Even do not try to guess. And it was the following: Box of wine and two hundred grams of a krovyanka . No comments. The joke in a subject is remembered:

- What is the Russian booze?

is a box of vodka, a beer box, a stick of sausage and a dog.

- And a dog - that what for?

- Well, someone has to eat sausage.

Well - well, drink seven times - you otjt once - it is about us. And in general, not vodka uniform the person is living. I do not know how where, but at us drink everything: wine, vodka, self-race, alcohol (including - technical). Especially not fastidious will not refuse domestic cologne. As they say, cheap and strictly.

And here try to explain to some there German or the American that tincture of a hawthorn is ALCOHOLIC DRINK TOO. Here truly, necessity is the mother of invention... And whether will come to mind to the same Americans or Germans to drink a screen wiper? Unless strongly Russified... About features of a national wine party it is possible to talk endlessly.

Here, for example, whom how not to our compatriot, will come to mind at visit of bar to bring with itself in good time prepared a floor - to liter and to drink from - under floors? I will not begin to argue that in the majority of these bars of the price read off scale today. Well, and why there to go? Why it is silent - not to sit peacefully in kitchen at home? And, by the way, only our compatriot, uslykhav magic word a floor - liter will never begin to specify, a floor - liter of what!

In a word where look, alcoholism prospers. Drink always. And always find an occasion. When it is good - on pleasures when it is bad - from a grief, well and if everything is normal - so, with boredom.

Somehow just does not come to some to mind that the boredom can be dispelled not only by means of alcohol. Well each to their own. Someone reads books avidly, and someone labels on bottles. And then, as a rule, mineral water with will be wiped not luxury, but a vehicle any more. And who is guilty? And nobody is guilty. Unless books in a floor - liter covers ...

And I did not begin to awake the neighbor Irkiny. Let to himself sleeps. You look, itself sometime will understand that not so badly sober state, it is just necessary to get used to it ...]