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Bench of miracles : whether it is worth looking?

When I went with the child on the movie Bench of miracles also did not expect a special miracle, remembering not too flatter reviews. It is enough to glance in the poster on Yandex and to read headings of reviews The Bench - lie and in it a hint Slave to a bench Little shop of horrors and even Drunk shop to be convinced that the movie was not pleasant to critics at all.

But having watched the movie up to the end and having never fallen asleep for an hour and a half fantastic action, I in some places of the movie derived certain pleasure from viewing. And at the end, when credits went, I understood that time past quickly and it is even pleasant. I can tell with full confidence that all reviews which I read, adults write, and the movie intends for children. I would tell that an age category of this movie - children from 5 to 12 years.

I always said that for children easier to make show, to shoot movies and to issue magazines. Our little audience will not carp at acting, to penetrate into the twirled subject lines. The student of theatrical higher education institution, the main thing that certain rules were followed (a beard, a company red nose and gifts) can be Father Frost for our children also. And the children`s fairy tale can turn out even if not too to strain with a plot.

So, concerning a plot. It is quite simple, as well as it is necessary to the children`s movie. There is a shop of magic toys, there is his owner (Dustin Hoffman) who is going to transfer control to shop to the girl working for it - the manager (Natali Portman) who in every possible way resists, but eventually understands, as at her everything will turn out and she will be able to work wonders too.

As I already wrote, a plot in children`s fairy tales not the main thing. The main thing - show. The movie reminded me the children`s book with pictures, by the way, the director took great pain to maintain this image, breaking the movie into chapters as the book. You remember, were such for the smallest (and now for certain is), the colourful picture on the cardboard page, under it several words of the text, on the following page the picture even more colourful, and again is a little text.

Naturally, the adult wants more words, and children with pleasure thumb through pages and consider pictures. Here and this movie - a number of very colourful and dynamic pictures. Samoletiki fly, engines go, and balls, as one would expect - jump. Quite good actors to whom you trust from first minute as though are drawn and have the unambiguous characteristic and picturesque appearance that the least audience could remember them. One - the collector of hats, another - the accountant, the girl - the pianist. All action happens against a large number of toys from which abundance at children takes the breath away.

But the main thing that everything in the movie comes to an end well. The girl begins to trust in the forces, the accountant - in miracles, and the collector of hats finds the friend. And of course, the toy store receives the new owner what he (shop) is definitely glad to, and therefore starts working the wonders over again.

Generally, take the kids - children and forward on viewing of this fairy tale. - it will be pleasant to children.]