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Insurance - all this? Alas!

Round abroad with a backpack behind the back! What can be more fascinating? To walk on foot in exotic places, to merge with the wild nature (at least partially), to feel nearly as the pioneer! Remarkably!

Naturally, each traveler (even coming from the house to work) any troubles trap round the corner. Who will help? Insurance company! It will provide you also compensation of costs of treatment, and some other things about which you can speak with the insurance agent.

It is clear, that abroad life of the traveler is slightly more difficult, than in native Penates. Also it is necessary to be very attentive at the organization of the tour. First of all, it concerns an insurance: everyone has to know an operations procedure and responsibility of the parties at emergence of insured event.

Why suddenly to me hunting to write about it dropped? History which I heard impressed me so that I decided to inform of it readers of ShZh.

The Israeli aged for 60, the active and healthy woman, went in Costa - to Ric to a hike. In one of hotels it, being equipped with a heavy backpack, slipped on a ladder, fell, got a difficult fracture of an anklebone on one leg and strongly pulled other leg.

By the way, this woman (we will call her the World) works all life as the travel agent and is perfectly informed on rules of departure abroad and behavior abroad.

You understand, pain the terrible, stretched leg swelled. It is impossible to go. Until she was brought to the nearest hospital in San - to Hoza - there passed 7 - 8 hours. Performed operation, delivered to a bone on 4 screws. Lies legs up. There passed some more hours - the second (pulled) leg did not calm down.

It is natural that the hospital would not make any movement without obligation of insurance company to pay expenses on treatment. But! The agent of insurance company contacted Mira and convinced her (after 4 days of hospital) that it took off home. He promised it that at the airport she will be met by the attendant (it cannot go at all, notice!), with which it will reach Israel.

The world arrived to the airport - there is no attendant! The driver who brought it found a wheelchair, but on it it was only possible to sit, and the broken leg should be held up (otherwise pain unimaginable!) .

It remained one at the airport. Sits in this chair and holds with hands a leg. Employees of the airport declared to it that they do not undertake any responsibility for its state during flight (from South America - to Spain). As a result she does not eat all this time and does not drink for fear that it is required to it in a toilet - and how it will reach it?

In Madrid it was lowered from the plane, it is necessary to wait for 8 more hours before flight to Israel. There is no person who could help it. Stewards brought her in a waiting room and put on a bench. The security guard tried to find a wheelchair in the airport - did not find.

She thoroughly wanted to eat, at the airport everything is free - and cannot approach tables where the food is exposed. The cleaner brought it something. Now there came the moment when it is already impossible to suffer - it is necessary in a toilet. There was a man who brought it in a toilet, put on a toilet bowl. It became easier, novpered still there was a flight to Israel.

We will in passing notice that at the time of departure from hospital Mira took the anesthetizing injections. Action of these pricks ended long ago - and new nobody can make it. Pains all accrue (in addition to all the rest).

On the plane, you understand, traficabilities are even more limited. What to do? It let out everything in trousers. And in such state arrived to Israel.

Here too nobody met her. When she called from the airport insurance company, it was answered: You here? All is excellent, all actions at your expense " are farther;.

It reached the daughter, from there it was accompanied in hospital, made all necessary, the World goes. Goes on lawyers, trying to receive compensation for the received moral damage. As speak, will receive nothing.

What she made incorrectly? What lesson can be learned from this?

The person, generally speaking, always has to act from own interests. Then everything begins to work for him around. If it departs from this rule - it brings the mass of trouble and troubles upon people around.

The world under any pretext should not have left hospital without attendant. If it remained before arrival of the representative of insurance company - there would be no these troubles.

Do not travel without insurance! Both renounce the rights anywhere and never!]