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How to reduce costs of fuel of your car?

As soon as we become happy owners of the car, except pleasure from a freedom of movement, on us freight of material inputs leans. One of the main is expenses on gasoline. Which besides rises in price every day. The problem of economy of gasoline is solved by car makers around the world. But it can be solved in a private order already now, for any motorist. With the help of installation on a standard car, gas - the fuel equipment. Without being a profesinalny expert in the field of repair and operation of a car, I will state only own experience in this question.

There is a little theory. Gas which our Homeland with success sells - methane as fuel for a car is not used. Fuel tanks with methane, will require practically all useful area of the car. As the alternative to gasoline, for a car is used other gas, propane - butane mix. Gas has no smell, but for safety add to it fragrance . Which betrays to it that opposite aroma .

Now, two main systems of supply of gas as fuels are used. More modern system: Direct injection of gas of air mix in a collector. When in a collector of the car additional vpryskovy nozzles and supply of gas not by what are established does not differ from gasoline injection. At the same time the electronic stuffing of this system is completely synchronized with electronics of the Vshy car. Such system practically erases a movement difference on gasoline or gas. But, the cost of such pleasure exceeds 30 000 Russian rubles. Such option will be suitable for commercial cars or if you plan to use the car (without changing for new) the long period of time rather.

Drawing of vaporizing GBO.

Second option of supply of gas. The equipment where for education combustible gas - air mix is used the evaporator. In some way as in a carburetor car. Such system can cost from 10 000. But it is possible to use it with some restrictions. It approaches not all types of engines. Surely consult in service for the GBO installation (better than two) about vozmozhnst to put such fuel system on your car. Also causes some changes in operation of a car. I will dwell upon this more economic option. Let`s count


the Consumption of gas is higher than at gasoline. In my case excess of a consumption of gas made 15%. At the rate of an expense on l gasoline 12 - 100 km and 14 l - 100 km on gas. A difference in the cost of 1 l of gas and gasoline of 100% (gasoline is twice more expensive). Installation and the equipment 10 000 rubles managed. It turns out that to pass 100 km on gasoline will cost me 240 rub. And on gas of 140 rub (on a condition of the prices of the moment of writing of a stya gas 9. 90 gasoline 20. 00). Total economy of 100 rubles on 100 km or 40%. Now the payback period depends on that how much to go. In my case the equipment paid off for 1 year of operation and 12 000 km of run.

Drawing gas price.

Is interesting that: My manner of driving on expensive gasoline reminded avaricious goer . Once again you will not drive when liter of 20 rubles. After gas installation I just began to move more on a car. To Syezdit on the nature pozhalsta and two more times - easily . To parents, on business and without. And here using gas I already passed 20 000 km. Or 2 years of operation. The equipment paid off and saves means.

Dispersion of the price gas - gasoline not always twice. But usually it is leveled in this ratio. Besides than power carriers are more expensive the bystrey to pay off your equipment. And it is valid if the difference in the price of 5 rubles the cost of installation is compensated in two longer than in my case.

Drawing gasoline price.

Well and of course around operation of such devices is different myths. About myths and my experience:

Myth the first: Smell. This myth frightens off most of potential users. The prospect to inhale unpleasant aromas frightened off also me. From where there is a smell? 1. At not professional installation of equipment it is formed to leak of gas on joints of various pipelines. 2. At hit of gas from an exhaust pipe in inside of the car at its not tightness. In practice it turned out that it is easy to prevent ways both these: high-quality installation and usual factory quality of all regular sealants. And it is only possible to speak about a vile smell of gas if did not smell gasoline. In a faulty car of couple of gasoline getting through various openings into salon not less any other smells make the life miserable the driver.

Is interesting that: Exhaust gases have a smell only on not serviceable or outdated systems of the gas equipment. In a modern serviceable car gas burns down forming water.

Myth two: It is a bomb. And in general fire besopasnost. The first argument against bombs the most formal: The equipment sertefitsirovanno is also allowed to use by all responsible ogana. But who at us trusts these bodies: (And if it jerks? Probably in this case, sceptics red color and a form of a cylinder frightens! It is right, red a bomb the figurative cylinder filled with combustible gas. What can be more terrible. Let`s look again from where gas can flow away. 1. Yes from there as gasoline. Leak from pipelines in places of a joint. Zone of responsibility of experts of installation. 2. And violation of integrity of the tank with gas. About a cylinder for gas: Balon for gas is a thick-walled vessel. And durability and thickness of its walls much more a regular gasoline tank.

Is interesting that: The disturbing accidents connected with explosions of household gas - result of use of an open flame. Per se naked flame in a car is not used. Ignition of vapors of gasoline (for example at accident) is also dangerous as well as gas.

Myth three: Loss of power. Really 1 kg of gas has the smaller density and power capacity what in 1 kg of gasoline. From here the smaller power and the bigger expense (which is already described above). Ofitsalno when testing GBO is marked out to 3 - 5% of loss of power. In practice in a modern car such loss is almost not noticeable. Except for the following cases. 1. Powerful and explosive start from the place for you are basic. That is you love in to heat on the traffic light and will drive in general. In that case it is better to forget about economy. The love to prompt races is more important. 2. The car with an engine capacity, minimum for its weight. That is designers saved on its power (usually to please to the price). Is such greedy complete sets. In such models loss of power (already small) can become critical. 3. Strongly worn-out car. Here without comments.

my subjective impression: My car is equipped with the 128 hp engine the weight of a car of 1400 kg. In my opinion with such weight of a car it is possible also on more powerfully. But so the manufacturer disposed. I most of all worried about loss of power. Reserved capacities it is safety and comfort at a vozheniye. To the surprise I almost did not notice a difference. That is the difference is available, but it is not felt, for example at start and in the usual movement. Here when overtaking a car on the route there is some difference, injector blasting is not peculiar to a car any more, when pressing an accelerator. Rather a car smoothly accelerates at increase of turns of the engine. Personally I regard it as a shortcoming. But rather absolutely not burdensome.

Myth four. It is technically not acceptable. The engine is calculated on gasoline. Use of gas will result in premature wear of the engine and auxiliary systems. It is interesting that Gasoline with which we fill a car has very different quality. Dilution by low octanew fuel, and increase of octane number additives can become the reason of poor quality both. Using it we are almost not able to consider what occurs in the engine. What in principle does not happen to gas.

Cotton. Ignition in a box of the air filter.

Why such cars are not let out by producers? Why do not let out. Here AvtoVAZ declared that it will appear Prior with before the established GBO. It is possible to find responses of people in the Internet ekspkhotya to be guided on these cars and this the plant likely is not necessary. To look with Proshe at the markets / at cars in Europe. The Internet predostavlt a possibility of selection of different complete sets. Including with different types of fuel. Here both hybrid engines and electro mobiles. If you choose the bookmark " gas; that you will see as many car

the Myth five: He takes a lot of place. Places of so useful luggage compartment. In the present cylinders in the form of a wheel. They perfectly find room in a niche for a zapaska. For example in my case the cylinder in general appeared from the street. As the spare wheel in my car fastened in the niche located with outside under a car.

Personal impressions. I planned to establish to Pervonochalno more expensive vpryskovy option. But having looked at the master on an arrangement of the engine pronounced a sentence: access to a collector not, it is not possible to establish nozzles. There was only an option with the evaporator. I long doubted and read responses of other owners. Responses differed from enthusiastic: Yes, forever to No, never . I communicated and personally with users of a car with GBO.

my first conclusion. Human factor. It will be important to install who the equipment. From where at masters hands grow. And whether they have a working conscience. Maybe someone remembers when that the working class had such psycho strong-willed characteristic. If you give the car in a charge clumsies and ryvachy - all those terrible horrors will become real. Look for good specialized service.

my second conclusion. The condition of a car, has to be at least good. Do not try to put the equipment on a car which already fulfilled the century. Do not put the equipment on the last money. Operation and high-quality installation demands those expenses of which it really costs.

my third conclusion. The qualitative equipment is better. Equipment Lovato Italy. As I know happen Russian, Belarusian and still another. I am at a loss with technical councils of the producer. That equipment that I use it is happy.


of Breakage of trouble cottons. In my practice was not. Subyektivno in a hard frost (the hard frost is lower than 30) the car demands good warming up. Well it is direct very much a horoshega So even to have to pass some time on gasoline.

Work kopyuter

of Podvyvoda.

1. Establish only in that place where you trust professionalism of personnel.

2. Correctly operate and do not save on service of the equipment.

Conclusion: In the choice of the following car I will surely consider a possibility of installation of the gas equipment. And of course I will consider the experience.]