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How to lay the laminated boards on the floor? Personal experience and mistakes.

If you decided to lay on the floor the laminated boards independently, read several councils from my personal experience.

In good salon of finishing materials the consultant will choose for you necessary type of a laminate. And will even advise color and the invoice. In usual shop all this will need to be done independently. A laminate are the panels for a floor covering with a special design of connection made on the basis of wood raw materials. From the face they are covered with a durable varnish covering. From reverse - just steady covering. What to choose, a laminate or linoleum?

As fastening between panels the laminate shares on glue when board grooves - panels connect to a ledge of other board by means of glue, and a laminate with fastening on locks - latches, click and lock. In this case grooves and thorns of boards in a form correspond each other, at the made effort are closed and fixed. The glue laminate is more difficult in laying. And here the board with the mechanism of a latch can risk to be stacked most.

The following characteristic of the laminated board - durability top worker layer . It is measured in turns. At factory testing the special mill rotates on a panel surface. The covering is stronger, the more turns will be required for its wear by a mill. Durability of a covering and is specified, for example 18 about . My experience shows that the board with a high-strength covering well will be suitable also for the usual apartment.

The third characteristic is existence of moisture-proof impregnation . Now it is available practically in all types of a laminate. But if that is not present, stability under the influence of moisture is much less.

And, at last, color and invoice. On your taste.


Preparation of a basis. Of course, the consultant of shop will prompt to you that to a set of boards it is necessary substrate . This thin foamy material is spread on a floor before laying of a board. For laying of a laminate floors have to be ideally equal. Unfortunately, clever fingers builders are left on a surface by some defects. They will prevent both laying, and the subsequent use of a laminate. If you plan to level a floor in the small room, choose the self-leveled mix .

For the big area it is possible to use the alignment method called coupler . Process this difficult and labor-consuming. It is connected with cement, water and risk to fill in neighbors with a bottom. On it the question arises: And it is possible not to level? And whether it is possible to put over old linoleum? Experts will tell is not present . But if differences on height do not exceed 0,2 - 0,5 cm, it is possible to try. For example, as I made it.

Features of laying. Plates of a floor keep within parallel to the course of natural lighting, joints so are less noticeable. If you consider necessary to pick up coincidence of drawing and shades of plates, make it in advance.

In advance count as the joint will be arranged upon transitions between rooms. On these sites can arise difficulties in a relative positioning of boards. Also it will turn out, as in the following photo:

Monolithic on transitions, the board in a board, a floor will be overcome effectively. And here different laid on thresholds on joints of transition are much less esthetic.

If a floor has small differences of height and roughness, liquidate them, increasing substrate thickness in the place of defect. Do not allow sagging of plates over roughnesses. During use the joining locks from rocking will lose durability. And joints will begin to fail.

Panels keep within not closely to a wall. The gap of 0,5 cm is left. It is better to record such distance, having enclosed already ready laying from a tree. Accurately establish gaps between a wall and plates of a laminate. If they are small, the humidified boards will increase and to dybitsya . Cm further care of a floor. But if gaps are big, you risk not to cover them with a plinth.

Process of installation of plates is in detail described in the instruction to a laminate. Also it is quite clear intuitively. However if you for the first time mount a floor, I advise to involve the assistant. Alone only the expert or the man from an advertizing poster will cope with laying.

during installation for elimination of a crack in the place of a joint on plates it is necessary to tap. The blow is the share of not involved edge opposite yet. And there gentle device of the lock. That not to damage it, you can fasten a small scrap of the panel and strike blows to its edge. In drawing the master does it by means of special adaptation:

Unforeseen difficulties. Plates of a laminate needs to be adjusted on length. Do not expect to saw them manually. They are very strong. Of course, if to use all the persistence and energy, it is possible and to saw a bit. Well, about, a half. As it was made by me. But then all of you will equally arrive at idea that a certain mechanical saw is necessary.

Long strips of the fastened plates (if the room big) need to be mounted with the assistant and even two. Do not trust advertizing photos where your assistant represented the child (for example, the little son). Process this labor-consuming and laborious.

Features of leaving. the Laminate has property to accumulate static electricity. Small, but (especially hair) it is not so simple to remove small parts. Therefore before damp cleaning it is better to use the vacuum cleaner. And then to wipe a floor with slightly damp rag with special detergent. I do not know whether it prolongs service life (as it is promised), but gloss and antistatic properties gets a floor undoubtedly.

If you filled in the laminated floors with water what to do? Water, having got into cracks of joints, will loosen material of panels. And edges of joints will become uneven. It is even worse if water plentifully fills in a floor, for example, at break of a pipe. If quickly to clean water and to dry a floor, it is possible to avoid damage of a covering.

If water got under a covering: sort 1 - 2 strips of a covering at a wall, raise all layer of a collected floor (if it is possible), substitute a prop and install any device giving warm air. Powerful hair dryer, vacuum cleaner or fan heater. Do not sort all floor, the dried-up panels not to collect with former quality any more. Of course, the success depends on flood scales.

Independent laying will demand patience. Of course, it is better to entrust it to the good expert, Ravshan or Dzhamshut. I wish you beautifully and to reliably lay a covering on the floor!]