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The clock is ticking, or Beat with Vista, rescue XP?

The world computer community began to seethe again: this time the indignant swirling is caused by the decision of Microsoft since June 30, 2008 to stop sales of the Windows XP operating system. It means that from the specified date it will be impossible to buy license the Windows XP (if, of course, Microsoft does not change the mind!).

Are indignant, naturally, law-abiding consumers of license software, to pirates this indignation, as they say, to a bulb (yuzal, yuzay we will also yuzat! Bills and its Melkosoft - to us not the decree!) .

Kitchen talk in support of XP (with a simultaneous obkhaivaniye of Vista) began almost a year ago - from the moment of the beginning of official sales of Vista. After the significant decision of Microsoft an action in support of XP - of Save Windows XP! / Let`s rescue the Windows XP! - began in the Global Network: Save Windows XP, Save Windows XP! The clock is ticking, Why XP must be saved, we Will rescue the Windows XP!

There is a collecting voices in support of XP: to sign the petition Save XP it is possible to the address: infoworld. com/save - xp/archives/2008/01/sign_the_save_x. html. For January 17 the electronic petition was signed by 30. 000 people. If you want to support XP, can join.

To the address infoworld. com/enterprisedesktop/archives/saveXP_header. swf can be contemplated ticking the hours counting days, hours, minutes and seconds till time H - June 30, 2008.

Electronic voices revolted, as always, were divided: some just support in public favourite XP, others in addition to it shout Vista must die! is also such (the few!) who praises Vista Some users of alternative OS do not hide the gloating: So it is also necessary to you, vindovoza! Windows must die! . And some enterprising users buy distribution kits from license Windows XP for emergency !.

One of initiators of the stock Save Windows XP! Galen Gruman writes in the blog: Millions us comfortably feel with XP and do not see need in transition to Vista .

Terms of support of products of Microsoft corporation Terms of support of products of Microsoft corporation are regulated by

Rules on terms of support of products of Microsoft (Support Lifecycle Policy) . I will quote Microsoft: Rules on terms of support of products of Microsoft were developed for the purpose of standardization of providing technical support for business - appendices, development tools, the equipment and multimedia. Rules on terms of support of products came into force on October 15, 2002 of

Users demanded from Microsoft of sequence and predictability in respect of providing technical support. For this reason new accurate and predictable rules on time intervals of providing technical support of products were developed. These rules will help users and partners of Microsoft to define the needs for technical support in advance, and also to plan introduction of products and information technologies within the organizations, leaning on a clear understanding of terms of providing technical support on products of Microsoft .

The list of terms of support on products

Choose a product for information on terms of support

Questions and answers of rules of Microsoft corporation on terms of support of products (Support Lifecycle Policy) of

By Retired Product Support Options (options of support of outdated products)

According to Support Lifecycle Policy, terms of support of Windows XP Professional (start date of realization - 31. 12. 2001): cancellation of the general support - 14. 04. 2009; cancellation of expanded support - 08. 04. 2014.

Whether Microsoft to the indignant electronic voices will listen and whether will prolong XP life term, - it is unknown, official representatives of corporation abstain from comments so far

So far XP - go shny hours

A can still will resolve?

If transition from Windows 95 to Windows 98 was almost painless, then transition from Windows 98 to the Windows XP was bloody : there were same problems with drivers and the applied software, it was also necessary to be retrained. Not for nothing then abbreviation XP for fun deciphered Crap Lousy Works . now we decipher

A XP - Well Works tenderly we call it Khryusha also we do not want to leave it voluntarily!

As one of characters of the Soviet movie " told; The House in which I live about pregnancy of the wife: Or perhaps still everything will resolve? ]