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Leave, Valentin, and?

the City bulked up a thunder-storm. In rare gleams of clouds the sky before sunset vysverkivat a crimson bad zrak and clouds pregnant with a rain low clung parimy moisture of evaporations the hot earth. Twisted a nizovka foliage and badly - herbs, flowers, foliage, seaweed still wet and already dry as roll - the field heart-rendingly began to smell. Cicadas predsmertno cracked in unison to a deaf porykivaniye of far rumbles and in spolokha of summer lightnings it was...

On a shaky ladder with the broken handrail, the turned black steps Valentin descended to us. There was it is high low, Touraine is beautiful, is old young - any it was. But we knew that it it. On that awe with which sand was sprinkled from my body and the ninth wave licked us lying on an edge of the sandy coast half in the sea half in heaven on the currents which ran on a body the bared nerves, beskozhny, elektrizovanny.

Also steps under a leg at me shivered...

Our Valentin was not kicked downstairs yet, and I already waited for the first contact of his sandals about smooth pebble, already heard a scratch of sand and its small rustling. And I already heard all your words beforehand, lost in color and an image. As a dream when you see an image of the person, you hear his words, and itself you remain it, it is held down by an immovability, slowed viscously down, powerless.

You know my feelings to you you want to become my wife I will make everything for your happiness your arrangement to me allowed me to be impudence of your suitor for the hand... If in several seconds you did not tell it to me, I would fall before you, darling, on knees and was your suitor for the hand.

Ya I love you - be silent it I love you

Ya I love you - be silent it I love you

Ya I love you - be silent it I love you

Ya I love you - be silent it I love you

I so forty years. Be silent. Be silent. So our Valentin silently went down and silently left. And we remained with this burden, with this hard work of love. When if you have a heart attack, I shout in a voice at god that it is not fair and it is necessary to strike me me, me! And that you are the best father, than I am a mother, and from there nothing is visible to him. And when you just go for a minute beyond a door, I die this minute and for the rest of life until you return again.

And you, and you still by a hand through the road drive me. And when I gave birth to children, you shouted together with me, and I ironed you on a hand and in respites of oblegcheniye wiped your tears. And then... And then you rassasyvat my nipples which blurred from abundance of milk before work that twins the escaping indistinct sosets could catch mouths... Also spoke, mother, nothing, more tasty, yours, milk, no, did not drink, and where, milk, mine where, yours, tears, all one, an eye stirs up, from tears of love to you. Where I without you?

my Lord, miloserd is also big! For what to me such love difficult?

And when our plane fought, and in shout of people our hands were closed that together not - it is sick - not - terribly - not - in vain, and your hands nevertheless laid down over mine and twisted with a cocoon and closed. And you poured out the last glass of water on my napkin and covered my face from ashes.

Leave at last, angry Valentin. Or take away us together. Did - answer. How we now? What you with us do? Or at you, at Saints, it times in a year of the first of April, and there a grass not raise.

The wife is given to the husband. The Naradost, on the mountain, on wealth and poverty. But where at you, Valentinov, it is told on separation? To death? On loneliness? It? Do not give the Lord, prolong my years. Mine? Do not give the Lord, prolong him years. And better take us together. Be miloserd.

Such love - a damnation. Our children do not ask how they mother - the father separately feel. How you? And today our shoulder hurts us, our knee ¸ our back. If I scratch to myself a nose, it at you will be combed too. We need two toilets in the house - it is too at the same time. Perception of people - one look, vzdrog skin, one eyelash moved... To feel together very badly - pain is twice multiplied. And pleasure together already with bitterness of separation. Store you the Lord!

Weight you mine Lord`s, valentinovo punishment. Lived that there is no own nothing, dosimbioznichatsya. On your groan to wake up at night as on an alarm clock, in the mornings not a female, but cops` look to examine your person (as slept that hurt whether missed what), to take by hand so that also from you it is imperceptible to listen to pulse (and you all the same prosecht and you will intercept mine in revenge).

When I suffered and died of your incurability as I survived together with you. Then your turn came, and we together got out from - under my stone. We went with you how stalkers, in other zones and who whom back pulled out? Valentin, your work? Yes you just as the in the cancer case were with us. And now leave.

Again he on steps to us goes down ( steps under a leg at me " also shivered;) and as forty years ago I will tell again: Be silent, I you love it. My friend, husband, father of our children, defender, support, belief, hope and love. Be silent. I you love it. Your love I live.

Leave, Valentin, and take away though part of this illness of our Valentinova. Coped with terrestrial, with yours - there are no forces. And so too long you with us. And than longer, that we suffer from love stronger. And you know what difficult is work as it exhausts. As it is terrible to love darling more than himself.

And eternal you did not promise life. Leave, and?]