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How to conquer peaks of intellectual games? Part 3.

If, having read the first and second parts of article, you came to a conclusion that you intellectual games not for you, do not hurry. It is not required to be the walking encyclopedia with the COMPUTER instead of a brain at all to join ranks of experts. Strangely enough, those who are fond of fiction and even verses can even participate in intellectual games. We now also will talk about games which are closer to art, than to logic.

So, beskrylka. The first beskrylka were written by the Kharkiv expert Oleg Pelipeychenko in 1998. Beskrylka is special type of poetic riddle. It represents the small poem, most often a quatrain, but couplets, and also more difficult designs meet. The part of the text is removed from the poem. The remote part which is called a wing has to be a familiar expression, a set phrase, the known line from the poem or the song, the name of the movie, a name of the famous person. This wing also should be guessed.

It seems to you that the task is unsoluble from - for sets of options? Partly it so, but the answer has to correspond to the text on sense, on a rhyme, on a meter with exact compliance of number of syllables therefore on the correct answer to leave quite real. However the original phrase is located in a beskrylka in absolutely other context where it is given absolutely other sense, often there is a word-play that confuses. Here simple examples from the first round of the intellectual championship on IChB beskrylka - 7, the author Victoria Shtratnikova.

Beskrylka 1. jammed

In the machine [],

A after - eight others.

I I called repairmen

I asked to check them.

the Wing is designated by square brackets. It is easy to consider that in it is mute there have to be four syllables, the final syllable is rhymed on shaft and numeral eight gives additional, quite transparent hint.

Beskrylka 2. the BUNGLER - the KNIGHT. you a sword in the monastery forgot

? us - be not afraid of

U - will not filch! we will pass

Now where you were,


These beskrylka belong to the first generation in which the passed part completely corresponds to a familiar expression. Beskrylki of the second generation is allowed by change of punctuation marks, registers of letters, and in beskrylka of the third generation change of an accent is allowed, words can be broken off or, on the contrary, unite among themselves. All this leads to very amusing readings of familiar words and phrases. Here a beskrylka of the third generation from the same IChB - 7, the author Victoria Shtratnikova

Beskrylka 3.

of the Snake to Donald were dreamed,

Started shouting not on the clown [

]! -

children Woke a duck.

Exist experimental beskrylka in which the spelling errors in words allowing to read them in a different way are made, use an unrhymed wing or a wing in a foreign language. Always warn about such deviations. Here an experimental beskrylka from the same tournament, authors Victoria Shtratnikova and Dmitry Borok.

Beskrylka 4.

Poplavskaya and Dyagileva in the childhood, tell,

- the Scourge went To Brighton to familiar

I there played in the yard for three hours in a row,

will not shout Yet: []! .

Isn`t that so, quite funny? I will add that tournaments on beskrylka are held, as a rule, in absentia with mailing of tasks and reception of answers by e-mail. The limit of time for considering of a package is set rather big, usually two - three days - service of muses does not suffer vanity. Experts use by search of answers dictionaries of rhymes, dictionaries of catchwords and expressions, programs for krossvordist and, of course, the Internet.

If the poetic path does not attract you, then can try prose. One more intellectual game - the travesty. She demands fair erudition and almost literal knowledge of texts of literary works. In the travesty the fragment of the famous literary work undertakes, names of heroes are replaced with others, suitable on formal grounds. The name is surely replaced addressed to, a surname with a surname. If heroes two, then are replaced they with the known literary duet. Successful selection of replacement can fairly amuse players, for example is quite admissible to replace Holmes and Watson with Gena and the Cheburashka. Players receive on one point for the correct instructions of the author, work and each replacement.

Competitions in the travesty are held only internally, a limit of time for considering - several minutes, any technical means allowing to carry out search in texts of literary works are forbidden. It and is clear, game goes on the known works - otherwise it is senseless. In that case simple search on the Internet in the phrase from the text brings to the correct answer. Here typical task for the travesty.

Alexander winked at Molchalin. Molchalin winked at Skalozubu, Skalozub winked at Zagoretsky and though honest Zagoretsky of absolutely nothing did not understand, he began to blink both eyes too.

I long in the room of the hotel Carlsbad there was a friendly peremigivaniye which was followed by snickers, clatter by language and even jumping from red plush chairs.

- to Set aside fun, - Alexander told. - Meanwhile a plateau with money in Famusov`s hands if only it in general exists, this magic plateau.

Then Chatsky sent away Skalozuba and Zagoretsky on an inn.

Call this work, the author and restore replacements.

of the Travesty it is convenient that preparation of tasks does not require special skills as in to an elitarka and to a sportivka or special technical means for carrying out game, as in a brain - a ring or To the game .

Here before you the huge world of intellectual games also revealed. Of course, it is only their main types. Various modifications and combinations do total of games just huge. For example, exist the Internet - tournaments on sports What? Where? When? in which very difficult multiple-pass questions resolved by teams several days with use of the Internet are used. There is a team modification The game the so-called Erudite - a quartet. Multiteam elite games, intellectual auctions are held and another is much.

Try! It is so interesting!

We verify answers. Beskrylk`s

1: highest wave

of Beskrylk 2: And brothers a sword will give you Beskrylk`s

3: ku. / / - Dak, boas left! (Where where you left) Beskrylk`s

4: Yankee, public educational institution home

of the Travesty: I. Ilf. E. Petrov. Gold calf. Replacements: Alexander - Ostap, Molchalin - Buffooneries, Skalozub - Panikovsky, Zagoretsky - Kozlevich, Famusov - Koreyko, Chatsky - Bender.]