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What is comfort zone and whether it is necessary to leave it?

First. A zone, it and in Africa a zone. Why in a zone people obvykatsya often and very much even not bad feel? Because the zone is always stability. I see: what when behind what, it is not enough - malsk it is full and dressed and whether it is necessary for the person much? Cup of hot tea yes of a cigarette and for zhist to chat with the neighbor. The same and in any human life. Everyone finds the zone of comfort sooner or later. And after crisis of middle age, after 35 years, to the majority or already broke off wings, or the person put them. And throughout the life rest we observe round-shouldered shoulders, we hear complaints about weight of existence, we look in the extinct face. People begin to live on reminiscence about fighting youth ... But about it a bit later.

The second. Everything flows, everything changes - there is no standing position. Therefore, there are only two ways: the zone is narrowed, smothers, and finally the person perishes, let not physically, but morally. Or it expands this zone (in a different way - spheres of competence and influence), setting before itself(himself) the purpose to escape from prison in principle and to heal full life, to begin to breathe a full breast. Usually such splashes happen in the fall and on spring - traditional seasonal aggravations.

The third. To live, work and create, in true sense of these concepts, the Banner is necessary. As in army. The banner is: a) a beacon, idea, b) the center of association of all forces, c) tactics - strategic planning, d) career and finance.

Each person resolves an issue of stay in the zone of comfort. Think, solve... It is pleasant, everything arranges - live to yourself on health. But I will repeat: there is no standing position - either forward, or back, it is impossible to live past, but live and still as! Tomorrow today will become the past, and so day after day. It would seem, it is necessary to take experience, to learn and not to repeat mistakes and to walk safely, it is conscious - other quality, in the future. And seemingly in words all is correct, and in practice what we see? People not only on strangers, but also on the mistakes do not study, and to that there are explanations:

1. Day runs behind day, without providing anything new, the impression is made that so will be always. Eternal delusion of youth! Then, unexpectedly, there comes crisis of middle age, and wings break. Our Petersburg rockers even for horror left off smoking, on the contrary! Late, old man, came, it was necessary to think earlier, but not to shout ABBA that from a scene. You sang all?. And here we live memory, touching fallen leaves with regret sighs.

2. Experience of the past is huge, every day is full. And if it is right what the person is a style, then who cultivated your style? How to separate grains from a ryegrass? What system of an assessment and where in general to take it? Here also we touch the past or, what is more often, we try to be forgotten, everyone in the way.

3. The person is individual, therefore, there are no identical destinies. And experience is extremely individual too and what to listen to the neighbor? What he told, he speaks about himself. And about me, favourite who and when will think?

4. Information saturation of the world grows. All new and new, and we did not deal with old yet. And what you want from us? Such enormous volume. Professionalism, an activity exclusivity is result of similar reflections.

5. The destiny, experience, conclusions are individual. Activity is exclusive, only you it can make also nobody other! And concerning the others the remark is right what we irreplaceable do not have and how to it, unfortunate to demand increase in a salary, at the very same time will dismiss and will take another, so who is guilty of it? Sami`s

, the hands, constructed life what to do? I sympathize.

In reply on the offer proceeding from the outside world to reflect and though somehow to try to change the life - to people it is often peculiar to be rude, and even frankly to be rude. Such reaction of people unconsciously shows own incompetence and laziness. But think, to be rude to the one who offers you any ideas, any participation in yours to nobody the necessary life, any ways of development, stability overcoming even if, apparently, the most unacceptable, not only it is absurd, but, to put it mildly, it is a little unethical. You do not want to take part - turn to information a deaf ear. It is much easier to keep silent and smile, than to begin to sort out the relations and, especially, to teach life - save both forces and time yours and that guy. Roughness in response to the offer, it is necessary to understand, it is, first of all, the unflattering characteristic to you as to the person. To whom from your attacks and rudeness it is worse? Only to you. And we know that no power on earth casual does not happen. On each your action in the outside world, counteraction, and already details in what look will come from it by the Principle of the Straight line and feedback. Well, misters, bricks just like that on the head do not fall and trams of the head do not cut off. Read attentively classics. You Should not be rude and lie by phone, companion Varenukha

And concerning refusals in communication, study, cooperation it is important to know the following: you refuse not to the person, he active, it will find the company same active and enterprising, you refuse to yourself communication, study, cooperation. In Russia about it speak: remain, a bench, with goods... It concerns literally all areas of human life.]