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You want to be healthy? Several important facts about milk.

Milk and dairy products contain centuries-old history, but also today many do not know about what milk it is more useful to drink as it is correct to choose it... We will also talk about it.

You remember words of the known children`s song: ... Correctly - cows! Drink children milk - you will be healthy! Eh, it is a pity that with the word are healthy are rhymed cows but not, for example, goats . Words Drink goat milk - you will be healthy! would be far closer to truth. On comprehensibility goat costs a children`s organism after maternal milk. It contains more sialovy acid, than cow, and therefore is more effective for fight against rickets at children. It surpasses in the content of vitamin A cow twice, and carotene and PP vitamin - almost three times.

Also goat milk is in the lead on the content of cobalt which is a part of the B12 vitamin which is responsible for blood formation and control of exchange processes. What is interesting, fatty balls in goat milk much the smaller size, than in cow therefore goat it will be acquired quicker and easier. And for the people suffering from bad tolerance of lactose (very often occurs at children), goat milk - the real find, it contains much less lactose, than Burenka milk habitual to us. Useful will be to note that in goat milk there is also more calcium, magnesium and iron.

Of course, milk of a domestic goat is much more preferable than milk from store packages. But it needs to be boiled as crude goat milk can become the reason of infection with tick-borne encephalitis. Such danger exists during a warm season when the animal walks about near bushes and forest edges. In goat blood the virus can remain about eight days after a disease. Of course, the part of useful substances at boiling collapses, but to what to risk? By the way, and here cow`s not boiled milk can become a source of infection with tuberculosis. Be attentive! Leaving with the child in the summer to the village and buying by milk of a goat or cow from unfamiliar owners, surely you boil it . The same concerns " milk; from barrels brought to the city from suburban farms. There were many publications on a hygienic exceptionableness of such milk and washing of these barrels.

If there is no opportunity to buy fresh milk, then, choosing it in shop, pay attention to packing. Today packings for milk in the form of a cardboard box with a film pripressovanny from within are very popular. Attention! Such packing is not so safe - the softener which is its part is capable to react with milk fats . At the same time, such milk of usually long period of storage. Of course, it is better to prefer the product which is stored week, and not three months moreover at the room temperature! Perhaps it is better to take milk in a thick plastic bag? Of course, it is not so convenient, but upon milk purchase the main priority is an advantage.

By the way, milk - very popular colds medicine. Whether it is right? Long ago it is noticed that along with the products containing white flour, milk - a slizeobrazuyushchy product . And slime - the ideal environment for pathogenic bacteria. Therefore if you have a cold or other displays of cold, it is better to refrain from milk consumption, and also bakery products and polished rice. Many naturopaths in general consider that after the child is three years old - the organism ceases to produce the enzymes necessary for normal digestion of milk.

Most likely, milk - food only for small children. What you will not tell about fermented milk products - bifido - and lactokefir, natural yogurt (without aromatic additives), acidophilus milk. They can be used practically in unlimited number - to both children and adults. Lactic bacteria stimulate growth of other useful bacteria, counteract settling of intestines pathogenic microorganisms, maintain the necessary acidity of blood and promote immunity strengthening . However, the good effect can be reached only at their regular use.

Weigh priorities and listen to the taste. Ideally, it is good to prefer to cow`s milk goat, and it is even better - fermented milk products. Care for the health and you exercise in the milk choice judgment.]