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Science - the best way to satisfy personal curiosity at the expense of the state budget?

would be executed on February 25, 2008 99 years to the academician Lev Andreevich Artsimovich. It possesses these words. What did it open curious for the 64 - summer life? First of all, it was learned at the expense of the state budget. In 1924 Artsimovich external left secondary school and arrived on the physicist - mathematical faculty of the Belarusian university which graduated in 1928 at the age of 19 years. In total - which - that saved.

Soon after thesis defense, Artsimovich moved to Leningrad and in 1930 went to work in Leningrad physics - technical institute (LFTI). Within two years executed a number of researches on physics of X-rays, received curious results from which the pilot study of reflection of X-rays from thin layers of metals under very small corners was the most interesting.

In 1933 researches on physics of an atomic nucleus began to develop in LFTI, and Artsimovich was switched by one of the first to the new curious direction. Together with Kurchatov it for the first time experimentally showed that absorption of slow neutrons in hydrogen - the containing substances is caused by reaction of capture of a neutron a proton. At the same time Artsimovich directs group on development of accelerating tubes for receiving electrons with energy over 1 MEV in researches of nuclear photoeffect. In 1936 Artsimovich with coauthors proved preservation of an impulse at annihilation of an electron and positron. In 1937 he defends the master`s thesis Absorption of slow neutrons .

In 1937 - 1938 Artsimovich fulfills duties of the deputy director of LFTI for scientific work. In 1939 he defends the doctoral dissertation Brake radiation of fast electrons also becomes the chief of laboratory of fast electrons of LFTI. To it the rank of professor is given. Its opportunities for further satisfaction of curiosity increase.

From the beginning of war of LFTI it is evacuated to Kazan. There, as well as to his colleagues to Kurchatov, Alexandrov and others, it was necessary to be engaged in less curious, but necessary works in military conditions. Artsimovich`s laboratory switches to development of devices of night vision. Even when according to the decision of the State committee of defense in one of buildings of the Kazan university Kurchatov and Alexandrov equipped for creation of an atomic bomb confidential Laboratory No. 2 Artsimovich in the neighboring building continued to be engaged multicascade electronically - optical converters.

And only after return to Moscow in 1944 according to Kurchatov`s proposal Artsimovich is involved in works on the Nuclear project and passes into Laboratory No. 2 (nowadays RNTs Kurchatov institute ) where works till last days of the life. There he receives, perhaps, the most curious results. He heads researches on creation of industrial technology of electromagnetic division of isotopes and builds specialized combine Sverdlovsk - 45 .

In 1950 Artsimovich headed pilot studies on the operated thermonuclear synthesis. In 1952 opened the neutron radiation of high-temperature plasma. Directed creation of the thermonuclear " installations; Tokamak . On the " installation; The Tokamak - 4 in 1968 the first thermonuclear neutrons were in vitro registered.

Here to what results healthy personal curiosity at the expense of the state budget led Artsimovich. And the state still added to it personally a rank of the Hero of Socialist Work (1969), the Lenin award (1958), the State awards of the USSR (1953, 1971). Lev Andreevich Artsimovich died on March 1, 1973.]