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What so caresses us from below? Of course, toilet paper!

the Navel blacken through a shirt,

Outside a tit - a lovely look!

Tatyana rumples a piece of paper in a hand,

Zahn a stomach at it hurts:

It then in the morning rose

At pale month beams

I on a podtirka tore

Of course Nevsky Almanac .

A.S. Pushkin, 1829. On pictures to To Eugene Onegin (in Nevsky almanac ) .

This poem of Pushkin was for me an incitement more likely a kick under the back: it is necessary to argue about toilet paper. Really, why is also not present? We argue on everything, and toilet paper - one of components of our culture of life.

In Russia, I think, still hesitate to talk about intimate things (in Israel - no, it is still unusual). Somehow in a booth the woman asked Tampax and standing near it asked at the top of the voice: And what is it? What for? The Customer instantly became red as a party banner (the booth settled down in the building of a city town committee of CPSU), something muttered muffledly and tried to leave quicker (naturally, with purchase). The shop assistant tried to answer a question with some roundabout turns (because I stood nearby and observed this scene).

Approximately the same relation was also to toilet paper. And cases when (or about its quality) spoke about paper use openly, struck and were remembered. Besides, when our people abroad saw how carefully the people choose to itself a paper grade, it impressed them. One of my acquaintances was inspired so that he brought from France the board with the text: Our toilet paper - just for your gentle daddies! (the text was in French, I do not warrant for the accuracy of the translation, but for sense - 100%! On the poster it was represented on - renuarovsk gently - the pink lower part of the sitting woman).

Subject history for cleaning you understand what goes to depth of centuries. The most various objects were for this purpose used. In Ancient Rome it was the sponge, then probably still something, but one of the memorable researches was carried out by Francois Rabelais`s hero.

In the thirteenth chapter of the book Life of Gargantua and of Pantagruel experiences of Gargantyua are described (though it is very short). In return I note its extraordinary persistence, patience, confidence that the desirable result will come. And this result came!

What only he used! Including paper! However she was not marked out as suitable matter for such thin needs. Still the long way to receiving a gentle product was coming mankind.

By the way, in those days when under review there was a poster mentioned above, toilet paper in Russia was a rarity, somewhat even luxury goods. The newspaper - here that was used everywhere (there is a suspicion that in some families of the newspaper was written out only for this purpose). If in shops appeared goods - it was bought " necklaces; with which then strode home.

In the nice city of Naberezhnye Chelny there was the same picture until, yet did not construct kartonno - paper combine. But this achievement of economy had one more implicit (at least, for the majority) effect. Someone from executives after start-up of combine threw the phrase: Well, now in the city there will be no problems with sausage! You Think? Paper stock went as a filler to sausage forcemeat! Also went weight!

Toilet paper of this combine on color and other organoleptic qualities reminded a fine-grained sandpaper, but all - was better than the newspaper: slightly more gently and without typographical paints, harmful to an organism (which got in such paradoxical way into a body).

I will notice that for paper of the different price there is a notable difference in quality: that that is cheaper - almost like in Naberezhnye Chelny, that that is more expensive - velvety, soft than

By the way, firm, known in Israel, - producer of ice cream delivers to all dealers who sell its production, some accessories with the registration. Including trash cans which stand near such outlets. On them the emblem of firm in the form of a heart is drawn and it is written: Small moments of happiness . In a toilet of one of such institutions the tank stood against a toilet bowl. And the every time sitting on a toilet bowl read this phrase: Small moments of happiness .

I think that it is right in principle, and with good toilet paper - for all two hundred percent!

P. S. Without leaving a subject, left in a supermarket and at the half price bought two packings of toilet paper.]