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Whether it is always necessary to look for sympathy at girlfriends ?

In one question of the man and the woman certainly agree among themselves: both that and others do not trust women .

G. Menken.

Life is often compared to the road. But, alas, she even close does not remind well asphalted high-speed highway. Not so often, as we it would like, we are waited by success, pleasure, luck, execution of all our desires.

And behind the next turn the road unexpectedly gives us surprises, and not always they are pleasant. And it is instant, for some time, you completely lose orientation Even if you want to seem strong and to keep all troubles in itself, happens very difficult to carry out this intention in practice.

Negative emotions overflow before, what is necessary where - nibud to splash out them. To share, tell about everything. That listened, rose on your party, sympathized, consoled and, at last, gave though some council. Long since in the people there is a saying: Foreign trouble I will make a helpless gesture And too begins to seem to us that from outside our problems and their decision are much more visible.

In the countries of the West psychologists and psychotherapists are engaged in the solution of such questions. But, in - the first, at us it did not gain distribution yet. We have other mentality - we say in response to council to address the expert. And in - the second why to pay the psychologist? When the girlfriend attentively listens, will moan, and, at last, will pronounce such words, flatter for you: What do you suffer with it (epithets substitute itself)? Get divorced also all. Yet not it you will find!

You already reflected?. Certainly, it is right. On mind you are Sofya Kovalevskaya, and on beauty you eclipse Penelope Crous. And it is possible to find more worthy object for your attention. It is worth declaring that from now on you are free. Offers of a hand and heart of the richest and handsome men from around the world will fall down on you, in abundance In dreams you already began to carry out their casting.

Sorry, that so inopportunely I return you on our guilty earth.

Ask yourself only one question. Why your best friend almost same clever and beautiful, as well as you still did not marry? Though it has already some for And all its romantic relations evaporate in few months.

Yes, what high post would not be held by the woman what penthouse on Rublyovka she would not own, she too sometimes looks for sympathy and understanding. The Strong woman cries at the " window; - it about such women is sung by Alla Pugacheva. The woman always dreams to be weak. And, in fact, that is.

But presently she prefers not to show the weakness. Does not want pity and ostentatious sympathy. Strong the woman a lot of things were endured before reached such status. And in practice were convinced that sympathy for 90% insincere. Sometimes it is more similar to gloating.

Of course, as well as always, there are exceptions. These are those women who live happily. Not for show. They do not assure people around of it, and are actually happy. Because live in harmony with themselves and the world. It is a little of them, but they are. And the happy person is always kind and sympathetic. And if your girlfriend from this category, then was very lucky you.

But what to do with that test which was so coldly thrown to you by destiny? Not to carry all experiences in itself? No way! It is so possible to be depressed and see easily the world in the most dark and gloomy tones.

The woman with such cases is often helped by visit of shops, so-called shopping. Visit of beauty shop, image change, and sometimes even chocolate.

to Come into a bathroom, to rise under a shower and to sob out the problem. Otbolelo and with water flowed away. The chocolate after a shower is not cancelled, and welcomed. to Write out

on a leaflet that you got and that lost, in connection with this situation. And as all this can serve as a lesson further. I do not tell

Ya about stronger means, such as alcohol, a cigarette etc. They only do harm to health, only postponing the decision.

There is one more way. It often helps me with life. At first aloud with understanding and understanding to pronounce the famous words of Scarlett O`Hara: I will think of it " tomorrow;. Try to calm down a little at least. Then be attentive. Listen and look narrowly at all information arriving to you: to news, phrases, etc. For a short time the hidden hint or the obvious hint as " will surely catch sight to you; to settle situation. It can be article in the newspaper, transfer on television or even some song which sounded nearby.

Believe, your Guardian angel always nearby and very much tries to help. Do not hit in panic, and be attentive to its hints.]