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To love married... Whether it is worth spending the time?

life of the young girls who fell in love with married men Is sad. Why? The answer to such very difficult question is simple - because thereby the girl just sacrifices the advantage, losing at the same time all the rights. In total for and against I will try to state in article.

Minuses of love to married men.

the Girl will not even be able quietly to call the darling as near phone there can be a wife and eavesdrop on conversation. Lovers call girls - mistresses, and they suffer in expectations of a call. Often they call the mistresses by the man`s names. Even more often conversation takes place chilly, haughty, for the purpose of the statement of before the wife.

Appointments are also appointed by men, as a rule, time is chosen convenient to men - lovers, but not the girl. Places are quiet, deaf corners on the suburb of the city or behind it, small small restaurants to which almost nobody goes because of disgusting kitchen and bad service - here the main places of meetings of two lovers .

Do not give My God if the unfaithful husband is noticed by acquaintances in the company of his new friend, then he will hurry to run across on the opposite side to avoid exposure.

About intimate life to write in general almost the reluctance. And what to write in principle? The intimate proximity is carried out hastily, in apartments of familiar and unfamiliar faces, at dachas and in similar places, often even not disposing to love. After the act, as a rule, follows urgent retracting proofs: hairbrushes, underwear, her hair from his clothes, deleting of lipstick and zabryzgivaniye perfume for women man`s.

For this reason the girl - the mistress tries not to kiss the man once again at parting that the wife did not go to him into a hysterics from - for lipsticks on his face.

I will meet New year and other holidays, holiday and days off the girl - the mistress also carries out one. These days her darling is simply obliged to be with the family.

Despite continuous experiences, depressions, the girl has to be always cheerful, full of delight, vivacities. Why? Yes because all negative is enough for the man from own wife!

The girl - the mistress is tormented by constant jealousy and envy of his wife.

Pluses of such love.

the Man - the lover hesitates to ask the lyubovitsa where it was why bruise on a neck and who it with it in the photo.

Nobody is in the middle of night and phone does not torment with infinite sets of its number, showdowns.

The girl can always descend on a disco, meet girlfriends, without providing anybody a detailed report.

The man feels guilty when the mistress, having filled with melancholy eyes, begins to sigh. And when the man feels guilty, it is very convenient to them to operate.

Apparently, minuses it is much more, than it is plus. Therefore girls should reflect whether all this is necessary for them. The affair with the married person can put deep, often irreparable spiritual wounds. Whatever the married lover said how he extolled the dignity of the girl - mistresses, all the same she feels the inferiority. The wife is more main! And life confirms it continually. He promised, but does not hurry to acquaint her with parents. Hoped to escape with it though for a week to the sea, but spent all holidays with lawful family. After love appointment of excess ten minutes will not sit: with a heavy sigh, but smartly says goodbye and disappears behind a door.

Therefore the best option: to dismiss thought that the married man - that one and only who was intended to you by destiny and that you just too late met . One and only always arrives on time! In all that concerns the human relations, also the exceptions to the rules happen. But in a case with the relations between the young girl and the married man happy outcomes are very rare and improbable.

I think that in such situation you should not break either the destiny, or destiny of the married man, one wrong move can change radically all your or his life. It is necessary to respect himself. All girls of an edinstvenna are also unique, it is always necessary to look for the second half, but not to spend in vain time for the married man!]