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How to grow up snake palm tree ?

owing to the huge sizes well-known amorfofallus huge (A. Titanum) are not suitable for cultivation in room conditions. However there are types, not less beautiful, but more compact, with success growing in rooms.

General agrotechnology . It is very simple to contain in room culture amorfofallus, thanks to its absolute unpretentiousness. Air temperature approaches usual room, he easily transfers also its decrease to only several degrees of heat. Amorfofallus well grows in the light place protected from direct sunshine. For the summer it can be landed also on the street. In the fall the tuber is dug out and stored in the dry soil or sand till spring.

Every spring the spotty thick shank topped huge grows from a tuber it is difficult - the rassechenny leaf very similar to an exotic palm tree. (For this coloring of a shank a plant nicknamed snake palm tree ) . During the whole summer this leaf reserves food for a tuber, by fall turns yellow and dies off. If in process of growth to replace a tuber in more spacious ware, then every year the leaf grows above and above and more powerfully, to 1,5 meters. And the tuber can reach 5 kg of weight.

In 5 - summer age under favorable conditions amorfofallus becomes capable to blossoming. In the spring from the earth there is a spotty pedicel with the inflorescence exhaling the unpleasant smell attracting to a plant of insects - pollinators in the wild nature.

The tuber during blossoming is strongly exhausted from - for an excessive consumption of nutrients. Therefore the next dormant period till 4 weeks is necessary for it to save up forces for development of a leaf. If it is not enough of them, then a tuber after blossoming sleeps till next spring.

Water amorfofallus depending on a stage of development of a plant. As soon as from the earth there is a shank, begin to water with warm otstoyanny water, gradually increasing its quantity in process of growth of the sheet because with its growth also the need for water increases. But strongly it is not necessary to fill in a plant. It is necessary to water after full drying of the soil after the previous watering. Full drying of the soil amorfofallus transfers normally at the expense of moisture reserves in a tuber. After plentiful watering, early in the morning and before a rain on tips of a leaf water droplets appear.

In the fall the leaf gradually turns yellow and dies off then watering is completely stopped and place a pot with a tuber in the dark cool place on wintering at a temperature about 8 - 13 C. In the spring watering is resumed only with the advent of the sprouting shank. Amorfofallus is sympathetic on top dressing which give him 2 - 3 times a month during the summer period. At the same time it is necessary to consider that the phosphorus share in fertilizers has to be about 3 - 4 times more than doses of nitrogen and potassium.

The pot, massive on weight, that the high leaf could not overturn it the weight is necessary for landing of an amorfofallus. At the bottom of a pot the good layer of a drainage is obligatory, on it the part of the soil is filled and the tuber is put. Depth of landing is approximately equal to diameter of a tuber, but it is possible more deeply. From above other soil is filled up. Pochvosmes make of the humous, sheet and cespitose earth with addition of peat and sand. All components undertake approximately in an identical proportion.

Breeds amorfofallus affiliated klubenka. For this purpose in the fall after dying off of a leaf or at the end of winter before its emergence take tubers from the soil and transplant them on different pots. If not to get children from the main pot, then there they also will grow in a look small palmochek under a big main leaf. It is possible to make multiple copies also division of a tuber, cutting it on part with 1 - 2 kidneys. It is plentiful to process cuts coal and to dry 2 - 3- days, then it is possible to put.

Most often at flower growers - fans can be met Amorfofallus Konyak (Amorphophallus konjac) and Amorfofallus lukovitsenosny (Amorphophallus bulbifer).

Amorfofallus Konyak in culture issues the sheet up to 80 - 100 cm high and almost same tsvetonos (about 70 cm) with typical for aroidny an inflorescence in the form of an ear with a cover which is twice more than an ear - about 25 cm. 1 day blossoms. A leaf scape naked, zelenovato - brown with white spots. A leaf three-separate with a set of smaller segments.

Amorfofallus lukovitsenosny has a leaf 1 - 1,5 m high and about 1 m in the diameter. The scape is naked, olivkovo - green color with light spots. The sheet plate too three-separate, but differs in existence of a lukovichka in the basis of two separate segments. Tsvetonos 25 - 30 cm high, the ear is shorter than a cover which usually 10 - 12 cm in length and 10 cm width. Blossoms on an extent of one day.

Possible problems with

Yellowing or a pobledneniye of a leaf during active vegetation - from - for too bright lighting, it is necessary to move a plant to a penumbra.

Yellowing of a leaf in the fall - preparation for a dormant period, a leaf gradually dies off. It is not necessary to pull out it from the soil to avoid damage of a tuber. After drowning it is necessary to cut off at the level of the soil and to allow the remained shank to wither gradually.

From wreckers amorfofallus the plant louse and a web tick can strike. But it happens extremely seldom.]