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How had fun before a studioza in the Tatiana Day?

Any name-day do not enjoy such popularity and national love as the Tatiana Day. Because it is a holiday of a universal student`s brotherhood, thirst of knowledge, search and opening. Besides, it sets a good form for vacation after winter session. Not without reason there is a national sign: if on Tatyana session is handed over, wait - the grant will be if is serious

A, then exactly 108 years ago S. N. Trubetskoy wrote: The past and the present of education in which we see pledge of the better future " is connected With the Tatiana Day;. And though after 1917 the holiday of all students was tried to be pushed, entered other red days of a calendar, they somehow did not get accustomed. The Tatiana Day is celebrated and today.

I give you university

Why Saint Tatiana became the patroness of the cheerful student`s tribe? The famous Russian historian Karamzin in Stories of the state Russian explains it so: This day in 1755 the empress Elizabeth Petrovna signed the decree on opening in Moscow of the first Russian university. Elizabeth`s favourite 28 - the summer handsome general Ivan Shuvalov was a father of it. Foundation of university became a gift not only Russia, but also hotly beloved mother of Shuvalov - to Tatyana Petrovna. Tell what Shuvalov purposely chose this day for a present to the monarchess of the project; 12 genvarya, for memory of the St. great martyr Tatyana, was the birthday woman his mother: he wanted to please her with new appointment in a position of the curator of the Russian university . I Give you " university; - he said the phrase which became after winged. By the way, Tatyana in translation from Greek means a name founder, ustroitelnitsa .

Freedom to teachers and studioza!

B sixtieth - the seventieth years of the 19th century the Tatiana Day becomes an informal holiday not only students, but also graduates. This day teachers and youth, celebrities and ordinary people - all were equal. Told how the same historian Klyuchevsky executed comic couplets, and the famous lawyer Plevako talked with improvisations about a topic by request of public. And this only day in a year it was pleasant to everyone to feel the belonging to a big circle of the people connected by the general memoirs, the general spirit.

With the greatest scope the Tatiana Day was celebrated at the Moscow university in 1890 - 1910 - e years, and by this time just and the brightest stories about it belong. Celebration was divided into two parts: the first - official and the second - informal which remember much more often than the first. So the writer of the beginning of the 20th century P. Ivanov describes them:

Big hall. Dark greens of tropical plants. Ranks of chairs. Department. Absence of bright light. Kingpins, stars, tapes through a shoulder, uniforms, correct dress coats, professorial corporation in full strength. Behind columns blue collars of student`s frock coats. Grandly, strictly, unperturbably... Academic speech. The speech is measured, viscous, without hobby and without effects... Then university report... Soon end. Students begin to whisper. Distribution of medals. Flourish. The hall gives life signs. National anthem. Timid shouts hurrah . The act is over. Kingpins leave...

From where - that separate voices behind reach: - Gaudeamus! Gaudeamus!!! These shouts grow. Gradually fill all hall. - Gaudeamus! Gaudeamus! Music plays Gaudeamus . - Hurrah! Hurrah! the roar Rises. Unimaginable noise. The willful spirit comes into the own . Then, on traditions, a lunch in Hermitage - at one of the most expensive and magnificent Moscow restaurants which was at the corner of Neglinnaya and Petrovsky Boulevard .

To 6 o`clock in the evening, - P. Ivanov tells, - usual life of streets fades, and Moscow addresses in a kingdom of students. Only one blue peak-caps are visible everywhere. The fast, worrying streams students aspire to To the Hermitage . The Tatiana Day - a holiday democratic therefore the professorial corporation which was since morning at awards and uniforms before a trip to restaurant changes clothes .

Meanwhile in Hermitage too prepared to student`s to a lunch . From halls plants, everything that is expensive, valuable, everything that can only be taken out are taken out. The china is replaced with clay. The number of students grows every minute... - P. Ivanov tells. - The lunch was followed by toasts, speeches, singing. Wine and snack disappears. There is a vodka and beer. The unimaginable commotion rises. All are already drunk. Who is not drunk, wants to show that it is drunk. All rave, intoxicate themselves with this raving... Boundless freedom " sets in;.

In the Tatiana Day, - Doroshevich wrote, - everything can be spoken! V. Gilyarovsky confirms that never there were so shumna the Moscow streets as annually this day. And the police, - such it had calculations and instructions from above, - this day did not arrest students. Too it was ordered to salted pork fats not to catch sight to students .

A. P. Chekhov in one of the early feuilletons of 1885 wrote about the Moscow student`s holiday: This year everything is drunk, except the Moskva River, and that that it froze... It was so cheerful that one studioz was in the fulness of the heart redeemed in the tank where sterlets float...

Cancelled the holiday in honor of the academic goddess in 1923. Archaic and senseless Tatyana it was replaced in a directive order in the Afternoon of proletarian students. Date did not change, but, of course, is working - the country students did not celebrate this day so that was then what to remember therefore no certificates remained. Probably, sang Our engine, fly " forward; under vodka with a pickle also divided a porridge bowl into 12 people.

The Tatiana Day returned to the Moscow university with arrival of democracy, that is in 1990 - e years. The considerable merit in it is his rector V. Sadovnichiy. Consecrated university church of St. Tatyana (having moved from it Student`s theater which was located there since 1922), tried to connect once cheerful and free holiday with serious things again. There is not really enough it the clergy, and students - to students if only to note! With a holiday, studiozusa!]