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How many cable-stayed bridges in Moscow?

the River - business not comic, will flood banks, will dry up for some time, and so there is a wish to move to other coast from time to time, without expecting favor by nature. And without knowing the ford, as we know, - anywhere be not put. Therefore the log thrown through a stream was one of the first engineering constructions if it is so possible to call creation of hands of the ancient person. It is that log subsequently and it was proud it is called the bridge.

First bridges built of a tree, then began to put stone support. And engineers of ancient Rome reached big art in construction of completely stone bridges with use of cement which recipe is lost now. Now bridges generally build of steel and reinforced concrete, but do not forget also about natural materials: stone and tree.

Though modern bridges are quite difficult engineering constructions, the majority of them are under construction by the old, checked by time principle. At first support by which then flying structures fall are established. The last as if lie from above, just as the first log lay, connecting coast of a stream.

But at all appeal of such design, it has at least one unpleasant shortcoming. Length of reinforced concrete flight cannot be more than 250 meters, steel a little more, but all-.

A how to be if it is necessary to connect the coast which are at the bigger distance, to put several bulls (namely so the support located in the course are called)? There are such places where depth of the river or an unstable bottom do this invention by not just madly expensive, but also fraught accidents in the form of bridge failure.

Also we do not forget that the bridge should not prevent navigation if it is necessary to provide pass of the big ships. Imagine the river which is partitioned by a large number of support. Sooner or later some stood gaping captain can if not to cut off it is strong to damage one of them on the so-so - the ocean liner of river scale.

Naturally, the solution for such cases could be found. Where it is impossible or inexpedient to build usual bridges, use suspended which it is correct to call trailing . The main difference of such bridge is that a roadbed throughout are supported by the bearing cables thrown from one bridge footing on another. One of the most known, though long suspension bridges not most now - the Golden Gate Bridge which crosses the passage of the same name and represents the only departure from San - Frantsisko on the North of the State of California. The suspension bridge, most known in Russia, - Crimean, become became one of hallmarks of Moscow.

At all advantages of suspension bridges, they are not deprived of shortcomings. They have too big flexibility and small rigidity of a design. Even standing on the usual bridge (especially in a stopper), it is possible to feel its fluctuations what to tell about trailing. You remember how in the famous animated film Shrek was shaken on a suspension bridge when they with the Donkey went to the dragon lock. Therefore at strong wind the traffic on suspension bridges is blocked off.

There is other type of the bridge - guy where unlike trailing, all cables (guys) meet in one point and join directly the support called by a pole that gives to such bridge very memorable look. These bridges much more steadily can be also suitable even for railway traffic. Such cable-stayed bridge was open at the end of 2007 in Moscow on Marshall Zhukov Avenue. It will become part of new Krasnopresnensky Avenue subsequently.

Feature of a design of the bridge which not for nothing called Picturesque it is possible to call the arch pole thrown from one coast of the Moskva River on another with egg of an observation deck and restaurant. Opening of restaurant for visitors is planned for summer of 2008. The bridge, with a total length of 1460 and flight of 409 meters, now - the longest cable-stayed bridge in Europe and still only cable-stayed bridge in Moscow.]