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That for a method such - The Tree is more whole ?

the Tree are more whole is structured, constructed by the hierarchical principle (distributed on levels, ranged) set is more whole than economic system, the program, the plan in which are allocated the general purpose ( tree top ); the local goals of the first, second and subsequent levels subordinated to it ( tree branches ) . Name the tree is more whole it is connected with the fact that schematically presented set of the purposes distributed on levels reminds by the form the turned tree.

( Rayzberg B. A., Lozovsky L. Sh., Starodubtsev E. B. Modern economic dictionary. - 5 - e prod., reslave. and additional - M., 2006)

the Concept tree of the purposes it was for the first time offered by Ch. Cherchmen and R. Akoff in 1957. It allows the person to put own plans in order, to see the purposes in group. Irrespective of whether they are personal or professional.

Including, the tree of the purposes allows to reveal what possible combinations will provide the best return. Term tree assumes use of the hierarchical structure (from senior to younger) received by division of a common goal into local goals.

Method of a tree of the purposes (fig. 1) it is focused on receiving rather steady structure of the purposes, problems, directions. For achievement of it at creation of the initial version of structure it is necessary to consider regularities of a tseleobrazovaniye and to use the principles of formation of hierarchical structures.

This method is widely applied to forecasting of the possible directions of development of science, equipment, technologies, and also to drawing up the personal purposes, professional, is more whole than any company. The so-called tree of the purposes closely coordinates among themselves the perspective purposes and specific objectives at each level of hierarchy. At the same time the purpose of the highest order corresponds to tree top, and below in several tiers the local purposes (tasks) by means of which achievement of the objectives of the top level is provided settle down.

The made tree of the purposes has system of decisions on paper. That is the plan for achievement of the MAIN objective of fig. 1 - I (1). The tree of the purposes can be made also for any purpose: global, monthly, year.

the Principle of splitting a common goal into local goals and tasks is illustrated by the scheme submitted in figure 2.

When the tree of the purposes is made, it is possible to see what this or that purpose will lead to.

For example, purpose (fig. 2) to let out a new type of goods can lead to decrease in volume of earlier let out goods and, as a result, to absolutely return result - decrease in profit. The tree of the purposes allowed to see it. And also, the tree of the purposes will allow to correct this purpose and to create or additional workplaces, or, for example, to analyse products for the purpose of identification of a product with the minimum profit that exactly to replace it with a new product.

About what purposes have to be (which are written down in columns), about rules of their drawing up you can read in the article How it is correct to set the object? . Rules show in this article, how exactly it is necessary to enter the purpose, and in what sequence.

To consolidate result of the studied material, I recommend to you to make the tree of the purposes. If you want to receive the analysis of your tree of the purposes, send it to me, we will analyze.

In conclusion of article I want to wish to you to make effective, clever and incendiary (motivating you on action) the tree is more whole. And let it will help you to realize any purpose, any task, any dream.

of Progress to you on the fascinating way of a goal-setting and drawing up the trees is more whole.]