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What is the purpose and a task? In what a difference?

For a start we will consult dictionaries. The most interesting and most complete definition is given, in my opinion, by Brockhaus and Efron`s Small encyclopedic dictionary.

The purpose - (filos.) there is a representation which the person seeks to carry out. The certain notion, aspiration to its implementation and idea of those means by which the purpose can be carried out enters concept of the purpose. The concept the purpose is a product of activity of consciousness and will, a subjective aprioristic form of strong-willed motivation to action.

That is at first the person has a desire (dream), idea of something. Then the person chooses whether it is necessary for him from dream to make the purpose. That is it is not simple to dream of something any more, and to make the plan for achievement of dream and, as a rule, on paper. After the plan is made, small steps (actions) register, actually it is tasks.

I most important after these three stages - to begin to work. That is gradually to carry out the planned steps (tasks), moving ahead to the purpose, realizing that dream of which once the person thought.

I hope, now the difference between dream and the purpose is clear to you. The dream is a simple desire, the purpose is already the guide to action. And this manual contains the described means necessary for achievement of the represented desire. For the purpose presence of the terms and resources necessary for achievement of this purpose is obligatory.

of the Task are also comprised by terms and resources. The difference is that the task is a single action.

For example: dream (desire) to earn 100 dollars. The purpose - writing of a cycle of articles (term 2 weeks), the number of necessary articles - 15, resources: time 2 - 4 hours a day, funds for payment of the Internet (registration on projects, placement of articles).

Task No. 1: Every day within 15 days to write 1 article (60 - 120 minutes).

Task No. 2. To pick up subjects and material for each article (20 - 40 minutes a day, every day).

Task No. 3. To edit articles (10 - 15 minutes a day, every day).

Task No. 4. To lay out articles on the website (10 - 15 minutes every day).

Thus, you can count time expenses, plan the actions and achieve any objectives.

What it is important to remember? needs to be Begun with a main objective. The main objective can concern various areas (career, private life, creation of the company and so on). Drawing up the purpose on paper reduces the spent time for its execution and allows the person to make room in the head for more important things . That is, not to remember all subtleties, it is enough to write time of them and subsequently to be verified with the planned way. The main objective is a peculiar beacon for local goals and tasks.

Example. There was a desire to create an income source. This desire can be turned into the purpose. A main objective - receiving profit. There are different opportunities of achievement of this purpose. Someone will choose as the main direction search of new work, someone increase, someone will think of creation of the business and so on. The direction is defined by the person at discretion, on the basis of own values. Everyone will make the local goals and tasks.

Further, purpose Receiving profit we break into local goals.

For example: business creation. Further we break into smaller local goals.

Registration of the company, creation of a product (that, as will make profit).

For a local goal registration of the " company; the following local goals, and for " are formed; creations of a product - the local goals. And so on.

When the purposes and local goals are designated, it is necessary to think over time for performance of each purpose and resources which will be necessary.

After emergence of all purposes it is possible to take the lowermost (with that which the movement to a main objective will begin). Let`s say our final local goal registration of the " company; - to find partners. Terms - 1 month. Resources - people (familiar), finance - in principle here it is possible to manage the minimum investments, but some sum is all the same necessary, even on payment of the road for meetings with different people. Let`s say the budget of 500 US dollars is defined.

Here we had in this group the last local goal.

Now to this local goal every day are formed tasks. The task is a solution of any process. Actually it is one step, one action. Tasks allow to see the movement to local goals. Without them we do not see productivity in the analysis of actions. Let`s say a task for today - to ring round three people (Alexander Petrovich, Valentina Igorevna and Elena Nikolaevna). To agree about a meeting. Term - today, resources - time (2 - 3 hours).

Now there are both tasks, and local goals, and the purposes. When you think about creation of a source of the income this desire seems indistinct, inaccessible, long process. When you know what to do today for achievement of that dream when tasks are defined, then it is easier to work, easier to see process (that you move, and you do not stand still), it is easier to analyze a situation.

If you want to learn in more detail than the rule of statement of the purpose - I recommend this article.

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Progress in realization of tasks, statement of the purposes and achievement of your desires!]