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How to create image of the professional?

of the Role which we should execute daily... Social, professional. Every day on the workplace we are involved in relationship with different people.

On the one hand to succeed, it is necessary to equal on high reference points - on founders of a profession, leaders who managed to achieve excellent results. In this circle it is necessary to rotate, steadily increasing the level of the self-education.

On the other hand to move ahead up a career ladder, himself needs to earn points, the professional`s rating, to become the popular expert. And there is just a reef against which professional ambitions break. Many do not think at all of the fact that on people around it is necessary to make a certain impression and, the most important, how to operate the made impression. F. Deyvis`s statement has a direct bearing on this situation: You can be any clever, honest and professional, but significant for society you will become only when you are able to GIVE YOURSELF AS APPROPRIATE .

Trainings, advanced training courses, literature, consultations with experts - an inevitable component of our professional growth. It grinds self-presentation art. It is difficult to list all situations when you need to make due impression - useful contacts, partners, conferences, meetings. Whether you thought of how it is important correct to present itself and the business?

Many reach a deadlock. The summary does not give the chance to estimate possibilities of the expert. The crucial role in communication is played by the first impression. And in this situation there is a question - how to present itself competently and professionally, to emphasize advantages? By means of the business presentation!

The business presentation consists in demonstration of the professional qualities and skills. Business cannot be limited to the fact that you will hang out the prize sheets and diplomas on walls. It is always important to people to see before himself the living person - the expert who can be entrusted, by and large, the problem. Not important, there is a speech about repair or about a consumer loan. For the client it is important to trust in the professional who is able to convince and favourably to show the business advantages.

Self-advance - a presentation basis. Representing itself, you have an opportunity to openly declare the personal purposes, and also to formulate inquiries and conditions. Thus, you will manage to solve, at least, five problems:

A task the first - to prepare and ensure entry into system of the professional relations; the Task the second - to provide to

optimum interaction between the expert and society;

the Task the third - to create a background for favorable information communication;

the Task the fourth - to make for itself the situational analysis for understanding that you should solve on a concrete workplace;

the Task the fifth - to spozitsionirovat and present itself to collective as competent professional.

For preparation for the self-presentation it is necessary to concentrate on those main accents which have to be presented.

So, the purpose - for what I do it? Then - what I want to achieve


How it is possible to achieve it?

Concentrate on how you will represent yourself. Designate a presentation framework. Including, and temporary. Information has to be extremely squeezed. Perhaps, you will be asked to reduce performance. It is necessary to pay attention and to structure of audience, the most important, to whether it is ready to perception of information? It is better to understand in advance - and what they wait from you for? Whether you will be able a successful joke to relieve the tension if there is tension? Whether the trust inspires your appearance?

People believe that they see. I advise you in advance to be trained in front of the mirror. Your gestures, a mimicry, an internal spirit have to help you to open the image up to the end. Whether you will meet their expectations? Remember that, most likely, the audience will perceive your performance at the emotional level. It is good if you possess charisma, charm, and your psychological charm will allow you to present successfully itself and the business. Lessons of acting skills will be useful.

Not superfluous will be to address the professional. I will remind that only real merits and achievements will help you to cope with a task.]