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Whether the purpose in life is necessary?

Spring wind drove fallen leaves on the boulevard. Lizochka, and whether you have in life a purpose? - he asked. - Is, - Lizochka peeped, - to buy a down beret and to make a feat. Only I did not decide what " yet;. He embraced her shoulders more strong and thought: What it at me all - nice ...

So, life purpose. Whether it is necessary? Or it is possible to live without it? Let`s think of it. Of course it is necessary. Especially to gunners. But not less it is necessary also to sales managers, pupils, young workers. Because life without the purpose - is senseless. She is not subordinated to a unified plan, time is spent for nothing, and so there pass years and years. Such person is similar roll - to the field which slides where wind blows, randomly disseminating seeds through the steppe. However, can be in it and there is its mission. But the person is higher than it.

The aiming young man looks built, in eyes at him intelligent gloss, in hands the daily log or an organizer. He watches appearance, footwear and a hairdress. All its actions are thought over, its time is ordered. At it there are a lot of interests and hobbies which raise its general education level.

What it is possible to tell about a purposeless individual? Usually it is unkempt, patlat, it badly tied laces and in hands not a pipe, not a can of beer. To agree with it about a meeting it is useless, it all the same will be late and even if will come, to sense you will not achieve: and why - he will ask you, and you will spend time, explaining him things, obvious to you.

What to do if your purpose did not develop yet? It is necessary to approach the choice of the purpose responsibly. It is the best of all to make the table where at the left there will be a list what I want and on the right - that for this purpose it is necessary .

The purpose has to be: a) it is noble, b) it is ennobled, d) it is real, e) it is achievable. The purpose of life should not be too ordinary as on reaching that you will feel disappointment. But it should not be impracticable, in this case you will feel disappointment even without achievement of it. However, in this case it is possible to write the book My aimless life and to become the author of the best-seller, or to open the courses How to achieve the objectives .

The purpose should not be static, the purpose of life is the not stiffened dogma. It needs to be corrected therein. But all - is inadmissible to reduce a level below a plinth. So, if you had a purpose to get a beaver-lamb coat, then it is possible to switch to purchase of an astrakhan short fur coat. But if you planned to become the academician or the doctor of science, then to reduce it to week courses the fan - Shuya is profanation of dream.

You watch also that, in interest in process, you did not conceive a liking for a sedentary life, otherwise instead of the purpose you get cellulitis.

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