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Nuclear were and... tales?

All secret become obvious As if on command. Time - and all newspapers of the country, radio and television of Russia and even the world suddenly at the top of the voice led conversation about what to us, residents of the Totsky region of the Orenburg region, was known always, from that unforgettable date: September 14, 1954.

As it was insufferably sick to read about what long ago and forever cut us to the quick! At times was very much and very ridiculously when certain specialists in modern fabrications and phrase-mongering, at all nothing from ours not tested, never even not seemed in the Totsky area, not having any relation to army, taught us to life, telling us about our sore. But all secret becomes obvious. The truth has to come to the world. Has to! Here I also suggest to take once again a view of a historical event of long-term prescription, to weigh everything, to argue and draw the correct conclusions. For truth. For the sake of the best people of Russia. For the sake of Russia.

Our we will talk about the USSR`s first army drills with application of atomic weapons staged on Totskoye proving ground under command of the glorified Marshall of the Soviet Union of G. K. Zhukov.

... The very first memoirs of my childhood begin with this date: September 14, 1954. Though to me there were few years, even to school did not go yet. However the events connected with this day forever were engraved in the memory. And still stir soul, force to remember details, to reflect and raise questions on which it is difficult to find answers.

I remember the Yugoslav who generously treats me with chocolates from buffet and, getting off, says that in the homeland it has the same son.

I remember performance of the Chinese circus, them flying plates. And still - performance of hilarious dolls of theater of Sergey Obraztsov. And as saw off actors of army ensemble to Samarka behind lilies of the valley.

I remember the deep crack dug in the lowland near our house. My father, the skilled veteran dug out it. And at one of trainings our family, as well as neighbors, takes refuge in this crack, having covered from above with tarpaulin.

In the same days one of officers allows me to glance for the first time in the real field-glass to consider the silvery plane, which will throw atom . Before eyes and such picture: the woman on a high porch tries to put on a gas mask, but nothing is impossible to her. The officer standing nearby laughs, shows how easily this task is feasible.

And then evacuation began. The set of hands helps me to get into a car body. We with mother by truck go to the neighboring city of Sorochinsk to relatives, far away from the forthcoming doctrines and epicenter. The father remains.

In the unfamiliar house among many people burdensome expectation of unusual explosion loses the sharpness. Therefore decisive day took us unawares. We, children, were one with the old grandmother when light suddenly grew dim and cracked as the broken-off strongest matter, but is one thousand times more terrible, heaven. To a normal thunder even if the lightning beats with a row, it is far to this sound. The earth trembled, and the house jumped up. The window was cracked, the furnace went cracks. From shelves porcelain fell down. The grandmother sighed, dropped something from hands.

I was frightened that the house will fail, and almost instantly jumped out in a window. For me with shouts the senior girl rushed off. And still I see how several prayerful old women in black fell to the ground. They rise, christened, cry and lament: To Light end, to light end!

We returned to the town. On the street there is a lot of dust everywhere. Honor our housing in a full order, glasses from frames only took off (for some reason from the opposite side from explosion). Mother takes ware, products, things from a pogrebk and the cellar. Any seemingly special changes. But in air there is something oppressive

We, boys, survey the district. Around the town we find in maple landings literally everything, and all - very valuable: dark glasses for gas masks, gas masks and hoses with banks to them, protective capes and boot covers, cartridges, sleeves, the whole mountains of granite, from which we cut sparks ,

From leisure talk of adults learned somehow that some men after doctrines decided to get hold of details of the motorcycles and cars which visited under explosion. Got hold, but then ached, and, apparently, died. And which - who lost on firewood that were prepared near epicenter. From the same talk later learned that in the town and the neighboring villages many people began to be ill. Word leukemia I heard before other medical terms...]