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How to make high-quality sound insulation? Part I

This terrible, terrible noise

Noise is a chaotic combination various on the frequency and amplitude of sound waves. But the main thing is that noise - a harmful factor of our life. It by right is considered one of the most unhealthy. Noise just prevents us to live.

Most often noise breaks our rest, but sometimes happens that noise prevents even work. For example, you are busy with study, and the neighbor behind a wall decided to work as a drill.

Continuous noise can cause sleeplessness, headaches, a ring in ears and dizziness. Loud noise can even lead to defeat of organs of hearing and frustration of the central nervous system for a long time.

For this reason sound insulation - very useful property of the room. In well isolated room it is slept better, and it is possible to be engaged in the evening in affairs which usually would disturb surrounding - mother, the father, the wife, children, neighbors. For example, music or viewing of fighters.

Noise is divided into two main types. It is noise external which sources processes out of the room - on the street are, at neighbors, in other room; and noise internal which sources are in the room.

In this article I will tell about in what high-quality sound insulation differs from low-quality. Also I will describe a way of reduction of internal noise.

What do we rustle?

the Main source of internal noise - the person who is in this room. He turns on devices, talks, moves, and all these sounds, being reflected from walls in the form of an echo, create internal noise. Completely it is impossible to get rid of internal noise - for this purpose it should stop any activity in general, but it is possible to lower the level of this noise to create itself more comfortable conditions.

What is well and that it badly in What high-quality sound insulation differs from low-quality in

? High-quality sound insulation due to absorption of an echo reduces internal noise several times. Also it blocks the most part of the noise which is taking place on constructional elements of the building, such as beams, overlappings, air ducts and struts. And still high-quality sound insulation misses no more than 15 - 20% of the noise getting through windows and doors. Certainly, high-quality sound insulation is safe for health.

Low-quality sound insulation usually not bad copes with an echo, so-so - with penetration of noise into windows and doors, and practically does not help against the noise which is transferred on constructional elements. It occurs because low-quality isolation becomes without features of sound transmission.

Certainly, high-quality isolation costs dearer, however these expenses occur only once - and then give you the chance to work and have a rest more fully all the time while you live or work in such room.

Mountain, mountain echo

Many apartments built with use of concrete plates have the increased reflection of a sound. It prevents to communicate, distorts music when listening, creates hindrances at telephone conversations. The brain tries to filter strangers sounds that creates additional loading. At the small level of an echo this load of anything does not influence, but when this level is high, additional loading can promote increase of irritability and decrease in working capacity.

The easiest way to get rid of an undesirable echo - to hang up a carpet on a wall or to drape it with curtains from dense fabric. For a drawing room or the nursery such option can be ideal, but is hardly suitable for a study. It because carpets collect dust, and in the working room is always a lot of books and papers creating a large amount of dust. It is necessary either to vacuum very often, or to sneeze often.

Ekhopogloshchayushchy materials (EPM) well are suitable for the working room. Most often they are made of fiber glass and become covered from above by a special layer which holds fiber glass inside.

Essential minus of such material - if you want to attach a picture or other subject on a wall, you should close up carefully edges of an opening under fixture. It will need to be made right after you attach a desirable subject.

of the Shelf, by the way, over such material can be hung up quietly, it is necessary to track only that the shelf leaned on a wall all surface of a back wall, and not just corners. The shelf without back wall is no good: it will press through a protective layer, and can it and tear.

The second minus of such materials - color. Minus not really considerable, but nevertheless not palatable. The color scale contains ten primary colors, and all. Or to paint from a spray (that will worsen ekhopogloshchayushchy properties), or to reconcile with lack of suitable color. It is necessary only to hope that the firms releasing such material will manage to adjust release of wider color scale.

The described way of an ekhogasheniye quite is useful not only at home, but also at office where the rumble from computers, being reflected from walls, generates a significant amount of noise.

So, we buy EPM on the area of all walls and a ceiling, glue and levels for a zadelyvaniye of seams, a spray for glue for works on walls and a thin brush for a promazyvaniye by glue of seams. Plastic points will protect eyes, and thin rubber gloves - hands.

In the following article I will tell about how to get rid from so-called constructional noise the house which is transferred on overlappings, beams and other elements of a design.]