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How to catch success?

All, hello. Today I want to tell you about such phenomenon as success. The success can be expressed in private life, at work, in a family. This some prevalence, advance forward. What it depends on? From many factors.

In - the first, the success depends on the relation to a situation. If we say that I am a loser and I will never be able to promote on a salary, then and actually - chance to promote almost zero. If we say that I not beautiful, then we not to whom will not be pleasant (from private life). Means it is necessary to believe in the return. Next time tell: I am a successful person. I - deserve increase. I - attractive. I - am pleasant to people around . Here it will be so already best of all. And you on a right way. REMEMBER!!! THERE WHERE YOU WANT to WAIT for SUCCESS, YOU HAVE TO BELIEVE THAT IT WILL COME. There will pass a small amount of time and it will come! JUST BELIEVE!

But even here, it is not rather simple to sit and convince himself that you are successful., in - the second, it is necessary to work. Work on where you want to achieve success, is simply necessary. If you want to achieve success, for example in career, then work on it. Think how it is possible to promote on work, set the object, think over the plan!

In - the third, we have to feel successful. It is very difficult for the person with the self-assessment underestimated by

. And you know one of options as it is possible to feel that you the successful person. The person who considers himself as the loser practically gives to time of the appearance a little. Well, so, let`s make on the contrary! Let`s begin to watch appearance: we descend to the gym, we will register in a hairdressing salon, we will buy a big mirror, we will open couple of glossy magazines and we will pick up the style. You think it difficult? Until you think so - it is valid it will be difficult (See above). Of course, it demands certain forces and patience. But life is so arranged, so just in hands will be given nothing to us!

In - the fourth, give sense of the life. How? Very simply! Set the objects! When the person to aspire to something, he feels more successful. The purposes can be different, for example: to build the house, to buy Mercedes, to drag in a bed of 500 girls etc. How it is necessary to set the object correctly? On Life a set of articles on this subject which I used. Now there are a lot of books on statement of the purposes and their achievement. Act! As soon as you reach something, even the smallest - you just will be out of yourself with pride. You will feel successful! But actually you will also be him. Because you promoted in the desires, and this is important.

So. We work on success, we set the purposes, we speak to ourselves: I will be able! I am successful! we do not lose courage and we go forward. But also it is not forgotten about itself: you look after yourself, indulge yourself. And then the success will find you! Good luck!]