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How to conquer peaks of intellectual games? Part 2.

If the games on logical thinking described in the first part of article were not to the taste to you, be not upset. Logic not your fad? It does not matter, the world of intellectual games for certain will offer you in what you are strong. Today we will talk about the games demanding a large supply of knowledge in the most different spheres of life. You remember, Sherlock Holmes compared the brain to an attic which does not need to be littered with excess information? If your attic is filled, then welcome to games on pure knowledge .

A brain - a ring, or just a brain. Many are familiar with this game according to the television version which was removed " TV company; Game during the period from 1989 to 1999. By the way, it is one of the few games on our television which, along with What? Where? When? and KVN, was not a calque of the import telecast, and it was completely original. Unfortunately, now the brain - a ring does not air, and all rumors about its revival and are rumors. To our television, it is obvious, favorable to feed the audience intellectual quizes of the " type; make the name of an animal of letters akoasb .

The idea of a brain - a ring was born in the Odessa club of the intellectual games Erudite in the eighties twentieth century. Unlike elitarka and sportivka the brain is internal competition of two teams. There are several versions of a brain differing in quantity of the played questions and way of addition of points for the correct answers, but the sense of game always remains approximately identical.

After reading a question of team have one minute for discussion, but at any time any team can give a signal of readiness to answer with pressing of the special button. Correctly answered team deprives of the rival of an opportunity to answer the same question and receives a point. The wrong answer is given to the second team by twenty seconds for discussion then it can give the answer or refuse the answer. If both teams gave the wrong answer or did not answer in general, then the point is not awarded to anybody. In game option with accumulation in that case the following question gives two points for the correct answer. Game is held before draw of the set quantity of questions. The team which scored more than points wins, and in case of equality of points the draw is set off.

Among experts there is a popularity a brain - a ring a little lower, than at sportivka . It is connected, first of all, with the equipment, necessary for game. If for sportivka there is enough only forms for answers, the brain demands special installation, so-called a brain - system which fixes sequence of pressing of buttons, registers false starts, and also does not allow the leader to get confused in that, what is the time to give to commands for considering. The ways of the game " existing a few years ago; on " cottons; or the hand raising was inevitably led to disputes and disagreements that, of course, reduced physicality and justice of game.

Questions the brain - a ring is much easier, than in to a sportivka and furthermore in to an elitarka . Often the question undertakes both teams even in the course of reading, and then everything is solved speed knopochnik teams. Specifics of breynovsky questions are that they usually allow capture as logical discussion, and simple knowledge of the used fact. Skilled experts remember a huge number of the most various information, often give answers on the first second that throws young teams into confusion: We did not begin to discuss yet, and they already give the answer . Here an example of the typical breynovsky question based on the Russian literary joke.

Question 1. Pushkin a tongue twister tells the column C. which lies on a sofa, and his children play on a floor:

- the Big fellow mad on a sofa.

the Count took offense.

- you are too forgotten, Alexander Sergeyevich, - he strictly spoke.

- At all! You, apparently, did not understand me. I told Continue by

Pushkin`s phrase.

If to look narrowly at the first Pushkin phrase, then it is simple to find the answer, but several seconds it is necessary to think. And the team hearing this joke will give the answer instantly.

Question 2. Croatian company Artidjana Company created a unique women`s dress. Unfortunately, it is necessary to erase it shampoo. And of what this dress is made?

Again only a couple of seconds of thoughts. For what shampoo is usually used?

And how to be if it is not possible to make team in any way? And maybe, you irreconcilable individualist? Then opens for you embraces The game . It appeared as a telecast - a quiz on NTV channel in 1994. The game is analog of the American game show Jeopardy! which, however, is not too popular in America and was even included in the feature film Groundhog Day as symbol of an empty and aimless waste of time. At our experts game got accustomed and called brother-in-law .

The essence of the brother-in-law is that three, and in sports versions - four participants competing in speed answer questions. Questions are grouped in subjects and have the different cost which depends on their complexity. If the correct answer is given, then the amount is credited into the account of the player, otherwise - is removed. Questions are chosen on a subject and the sum by the player who correctly answered the last a question. After several usual rounds final is played. In it only one question is played, and all three participants are obliged to answer it. At first they choose a subject, then do the rates then the question sounds. Here an example of a subject for the brother-in-law.

Subject Smell .

1. These smells, according to a joke, are beaten off by cologne Harry Potter .

2. Devoted it the song Your fingers smell of an incense A. Vertinsky.

3. He asked to take away an eagle together with a smell.

4. These sulfur-containing substances add to natural gas for giving of a characteristic smell to it.

5. They together with smells abandoned the heroine of the poem of Bella Akhmadullina Farewell .
In the brother-in-law even more, than in a brain, the equipment role is important

. Good system for The game allows to copy television option completely. Any more not a rarity when when carrying out games use not only the computer, but also multimedia - a projector that makes game of very spectacular.

Intellectual games attract not only erudites - Encyclopaedists. Games to liking will find also those who are fond of fiction and even verses. But about it is next time.

We verify answers.

Question 1 : Children on a floor, clever on a sofa.

Question 2 : From human hair.

Answers on the brother-in-law :

1. Ashes and sweat.

2. To Vera Holodnoy.

3. Alexander Privalov (And. and B. Strugatsky Monday begins on Saturday ) .

4. Merkaptana (tiola).

5. Sounds.]