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What rules of telephone etiquette exist?

it is difficult to us to present the life without phone now. And as soon as people could do without it earlier? All our life is constantly connected with telephone negotiations and at work, and houses and when we are on the way. We call, call us. We do calls by business, it is simple to communicate to friends or relatives, we order food on the house. Yes anything!

And as often we think of the fact that we say how we say how many we take away time and what to our interlocutor on other end of a wire? Not everything is as simple as it seems to much of us. There is a number of rules during communication by phone. Their observance when business conversation or when we call with the purpose to obtain any information at the unfamiliar operator is necessary to us is especially important.

If you call:

- Calls should be done not earlier than the 9th morning and no later than 21 hour - in the evening.

- It is necessary to wait for the answer to the call during 6 beeps.

- It is necessary to be presented and report about the purpose of the call.

- If your call of official character, then it is worth thinking over its contents in advance. To prepare necessary questions not to tighten conversation and to obtain all information necessary for you, without having forgotten anything.

- The one who called has to finish conversation. If conversation (not business) happens between the man and the woman, then the first it has to finish conversation.

- If you were mistaken number, you should not ask the person who answered a call: Where I got? or something it seems: And what is number? It will be more correct if you call number which was dialed.

- If during conversation communication was for technical reasons interrupted, then the one who called has to call back.

- If you call, you should not ask the person who answered to you: And to whom I talk? It is necessary to greet and ask to invite to phone of the one to whom you wanted to hear.

- Even if you call the acquaintance, having desire it is simple to communicate and share news, it is worth taking an interest whether he is busy.

- When you call the married man or the married woman, and the call is taken by his / her spouse / spouses, you have to be presented. Especially if your call is addressed to the person of an opposite sex and with its second half you do not consist in the friendly relations.

- It is considered incorrect to call someone on office affairs on a home telephone number. If, of course, you did not discuss it in advance.

If call you:

- If the called person was mistaken number, then It is necessary to tell it about it politely. It is admissible if you take an interest what number he dials. So you will relieve yourself and it of an undesirable repeated call.

- If you cannot talk, then just tell about it and do not explain the reason. Especially if you do not want to communicate, for example, from - for viewing of the telecast or just are not in mood . The similar explanation offensive can seem to the called person. Ask to call back to you or tell that you will contact it when be released.

- Even if you are in bad mood, were tired or are angry, then do not transfer the discontent to the called person. Answer politely or just do not take the call. It is not guilty of it. And the mood will be spoiled also at it.

But all above-mentioned does not concern at all to those people with whom during telephone conversation you can be oneself. If it is mutual, of course. Everyone has such friends with whom communication takes place always easily and pleasantly. When you can tell directly everything each other.

Try to follow these simple rules that communication with you was pleasant to people. Do not abuse attention of the interlocutor as, maybe, simply it is inconvenient to it to interrupt you. Be attentive to people!

Good luck!]