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Under what music to dance a striptease?

In this article we will lead the speech about the nature of an omuzykalenny exposure. And a blank verse we will tell about how to turn ordinary, in general, process of parting with clothes into poetry.


Evening. Candles. The tired moon rises over your windows. Its silvery beams merge in a passionate kiss with soft light from a fragile flame of candles. Vials in a glass of champagne burst in a step in blow of your heart. You feel a rhythm? His eyes look at you, trying to catch music of your movements. Your image in silver and fire smoothly follows pulse. Dance

Action 1. Romanticism :

Music creates mood. Well, in your hands the power. Operate others images, becoming the imagination. Whom do you want to be today? Everything depends on music.

So, dear ladies, before you our first lot: mister Elvis Presley with composition Fever . Performed by the king fate - N - a beater this song, echoing the slow rhythm as though itself it is bared. The deep velvet voice of Presley slowly takes away you to the country of movements. Having given in to time, you will not be able to stop any more and will merge with music to the last chords. A slow seducing - here credo of this composition. Slow, but confident steps music gets to the bottom. You need only to follow it.


Night. Thunder-storm. Flashes of lightnings instantly light up space. The bulb in a floor lamp here - here will fuse. You hurry. The rustle of a rain merges with your whisper. You try to catch its breath. But it stands apart. Dance

Action 2. Passion :

millions of provodok of your body rush impulses. You as if the live generator, in you electricity, so light hundreds of bulbs what their dark light would melt music chords in your passion.

So, we present you the second lot: Gotan Project group and their imperishable composition Santa Maria .

of the Note tell a story. Music history. History of true electricity. History of original passion. As if dancing on a knife edge, music dangerously moves on an edge, and it will not stop, will not reach the final yet. This composition smells of Paris and immerses you in this city - perhaps, you thought up it. And it is other Paris - your own. Live in it, you breathe them, dance So far the passion will not melt the last chord, and the city will not be dissolved in your memory.


Midnight. Hot. Each muscle of your body in tension. Surrounding objects as though are heated. Even the soft carpet burns fingers. Fiery air gets into your lungs and kindles the fire. On a body runs a shiver, raising hundreds of tiny hairs. You need to move. Dance

Action 3. Eroticism :

In the Brazilian mythology it called Angr, in Celtic Brigid, in ancient Roman Vesta, in Greek Gestiya. But now you embodiment of these names. You are a Goddess Ognya.

Attention, third lot: The Pussycat Dolls group with composition Buttons .

This song blazes as a fire around which somebody beats the drums and someone claps as if collecting on a sabbath. This music as though awakens primitive instincts, forces to feel inside, the wildness immured by evolution. Now you are capable to feel wind and to become it. The accurate rhythm will help to fly by over the planet to true fire - an eternal star - to the Sun.


I Will finish the play with dots, the choice I will leave

I to you.

Is possible, even this night

you fly to heaven?

How to join a blue velvet?

Answers are known only by you To a meeting