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How not to get poisoned with mushrooms?

What pushes people many hours to walk in the woods, often alone and in vain searches of production under the name mushrooms? Never you will gather many forest gifts and to process enormous quantity - hard work. And you will not earn big sure money And something pushes! Collecting instinct, thirst for knowledge, interest in the nature, communication with beauty? What?. And in fact and not very well - mushroom pickers exist everywhere, as well as mushrooms.

The one who begins silent hunting has to pervo - napervo to learn that all mushrooms are divided into edible, it is conditional - edible, inedible and poisonous. Two last look have to be studied in detail because life and " depends on this knowledge; hunter and those who trust it.

At the beginning it is desirable to gather such mushrooms which you know well as speak, on a name and in a face - morels, honey agarics, champignons, chanterelles Unfamiliar it is better to examine and leave alone - so more reliably. Almost all mushrooms have false doubles which to distinguish from the presents very difficult.

Poisonous from a sin it is better to avoid at once! It is a pale toadstool which having lost a collar, at once becomes similar to an edible tolkachik (float). These are the most beautiful false honey agarics which ask for a bast basket before of honey agarics of the presents. It is panterny champignon, with the cracked roof. It is a devilish mushroom, in own way beautiful, but poisonous. The beginning mushroom picker surely has to glance in available reference books and take advices of the entrusted and skilled mushroom pickers. The best guarantee from poisoning - do not put in a bast basket what to you is not conducted.

It is necessary to know also features of local mushrooms. Sometimes, that the same mushroom in different places has absolutely opposite properties. For example, cepes in Moscow area - the most desired, and same in Germany, in Poland - death. Many reference books are not advised at all to collect svinushka, this mine of the slowed-down action, but examples when local people eat these mushrooms decades are known - eat, smile and praise: It is good that they are advised not to collect - to us will get more! .

Good mushrooms can become poisonous if grew at the automobile route, at the chemical companies, on a dump, on the soil where once merged poisonous liquid.

It is convenient to look for mushrooms, having a stick - a lifesaver. It - the tool for shoveling of the fallen-down foliage, it - a security measure from sudden attack of frights, monsters, frights and the wood goblin.

In the wood it is necessary to go quietly, carefully, constantly feeling the main direction of the movement, being guided by the sun even if it behind clouds is almost not visible. It is possible to be guided on a compass, on crowns which are condensed to the South. The moss grows on North side of wood trunks more densely. In the wood it is necessary to be afraid of nothing: animals, as a rule, feel the person earlier and leave his path. Here it is only possible to meet the dashing person It is in that case better to mushroom not to one.

The reference points noticed earlier, signs left by you can prompt the opposite direction can prompt a right way and a watercourse along which you wandered. And also - noise of a highway, the airport, building, the railroad. At last, the moon which appeared in the sky In any wood there are a lot of roads - they - will also remove that got lost hunter to people.

Spodruchny all to gather mushrooms in a wattled bast basket - they will not be rumpled. Anything superfluous on hunting with themselves do not take. Unless mobile phone, audioplayer, sketchbook, tape recorder, camera, rod or gun, dog... But in the presence of foreign objects mushrooms in a bast basket are gathered reluctantly.

Gathered mushrooms, and the fatigue suddenly pulled hard, is without training! But after you will be joyfully met with production by a family, you will quickly have a rest, will help to touch everything gathered, and at night, in a dream, before eyes they will flash - mushrooms, mushrooms, mushrooms!]