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Than threatens marriage with the foreigner? Italian, Arab, American...

Probably, in marriage of people look for something unusual. Half a century back only every tenth Muscovite entered into marriage alliance with the Muscovite. Today the situation changed a little - on the one hand, people began nastorozhenny to get the relations with representatives of the Caucasian nationalities, with another - jubilantly reached for overseas grooms and to brides. So waits for us in marriage

With the Italian:

C to them you will never miss - explosive Mediterranean temperament, mad rate of communication, the most delicate romanticism and mad jealousy. A family for the Italian - sacred. Minus - do not dream of wealth, Italy - the poorest of the European countries.

At divorce spouses are given three years on considering the decision, and then the husband is obliged to support the wife to the introduction in new marriage. And here will not allow to take away children from the country to you, most likely. Cases when the family collapses also men - Italians raise children, - it is rather the rule, than an exception.

Most likely, you should work, and at all not a top - the manager - the Russian diplomas in Italy are not quoted, but there is always a lack of nurses, maids, nurses, at best it is possible to find the place of the guide at Russians excursions. It is important to construct good relations with the husband`s family, and the relations informal: Italians are people of big passions. Too it is worth to remember about religion - in the Catholic country it is accepted that wives went to church and observed holidays. In completion of all you should suffer hobbies of the passionate husband - at best it will be soccer, policy, the car, in the worst - a grappa (the Italian vodka) and girls. Marriage in Italian - is not enough logic, it is a lot of love.

With the Arab:

Pluses - an opportunity not to work until the end of days and is a lot of children, than to support them - cares of the husband. Minuses - absence in clothes of short skirts, bathing suits and an opportunity to dispose of the time and itself, darling. Brides of grooms - Muslims already come to a wedding in scarfs - hijabs. At Arabs it is not accepted that the woman showed the person and a body, spoke with foreign men. For incorrectness in the Muslim countries hammer with stones to death, and the smoker drinking or the disrespectful wife will not dream the son of deserts even in the most bad dream. Behavior, a way of life, education of children - everything dictates the law.

Ex-wives who by miracle managed to run away from the lords warn that the Arab, the most affable and tender in Russia, in the homeland turns into the uncompromising house tyrant. Marrying the Arab, you marry all his relatives to the seventh knee. If you dreamed of the bigger number of relatives, then it will be pleasant to you. Any attempt to squabble with any relative of the husband can be come very to a bad end. Under laws of the Koran, the husband can take himself the second, third, fifth wife, and at divorce the wife gets nothing, children remain in the husband`s family too.

With the American:

the Wedding with the American - that case when it is possible to guarantee one - any guarantees. Whether the groom belongs to the white majority or he is a native of the European community, the Russian emigrant or the lucky Hindu? Where lived, in the large city or the abandoned settlement how studied what with work? What relations with alcohol, drugs, religion at it? The American groom is the Russian roulette.

To you magically will carry if you personify dream of deeply hidden kind soul of the businessman or romantic ideas of the ideal wife of the Texas cowboy. Also will not carry if you coincide with an ideal of the poor loser. Plus the American marriage is that their police works accurately and specifically. So if the husband scoffs at you, the problem will be solved in the next site. But, to insure itself from any unexpected adventures, before a trip it is recommended to transfer the amount sufficient for purchase of a plane ticket on an e-wallet and to master craft, for example, of the hairdresser or the confectioner. But best of all stay at home. The happiest marriages - with those Americans who for a long time come to Russia.

The French king Henry I took in the wife Anna, Yaroslav the Wise`s daughter, the Spanish artist Salvador Dali - Elena Dyakonova, and they were happy. Think, solve ]