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How to prepare a curative bathtub of the house? Part 3

the Fine way it is good to relax and saturate the organism with useful influence - a bathtub with essential oils. It is difficult to overestimate advantage of such procedure. Essential oils are odorous, vysokokontsetrirovanny, flying efiromaslichny plants extracts. Properties of each essential oil are individual, but all of them possess bactericidal and anti-inflammatory action, and also wonderfully influence our emotional health.

During aromatic bathtubs of a molecule of essential oils get through skin, hypodermic cellulose, blood and lymphatic vessels - raises a blood-groove in muscles and internals, intensity of a carbohydrate, fatty and mineral exchange increases in an organism . That is why such procedures recommend for increase of protective forces of an organism and its improvement. And after such bathtub you leave well rested and as if you feel updated.

Consider that essential oils are not dissolved in water so it is necessary to prepare such bathtub in a special way. Before procedure add couple of tablespoons of peach oil or a half-glass of cream to water - essential oils are dissolved even in small amount of fat. There is also other way - to mix in the prepared capacity of 10 - 15 drops of essential oils and 100 g of cream, milk or yogurt, and then to dissolve in halfliter of warm water, carefully stirring. Then to pour in mix in a bathtub.

For the expressed effect it is better to take a bath a course - 10 - 12 bathtubs every other day. Experts advise to begin a course with the smallest quantity of drops - 3 - 4, bringing gradually to 15 drops (every time increasing by two drops). If you do not want to follow the strict rules enough 8 drops of essential oil on a bathtub in which it is possible to lie down 10 - 15 minutes.

For preparation of the moistening bathtub

it will be required to b: sea salt - 500 g, essential oil of a camomile - 15, patchoulis - 5, a wormwood - 5, cinnamon - 1.

The good toning effect will provide such structure: salt - 500 g, essential oil of a thyme - 5, a lemon - 5, fennel - 5, mints - 2.

The rejuvenating bathtub : a handful of petals of a red rose, essential oil ilang - an ilanga - 5, a black narcissus - 5.

The revitalizing aromatic bathtub : essential oil of grapefruit - 5 g, a lemon - 5, rosemary - 5.

For increase of mood use oils ilang - an ilang or a sandalwood.

Camomile or lavender oil will calm and will kill a headache.

Tangerine oil possesses the refreshing action, inhalation of its aroma helps at problems with digestion.

Keep in mind that qualitative essential oil transparent and uniform, the oil drop after evaporation does not leave a fat spot on a sheet of paper. It is better to prefer oils of those producers which on labels specify as well Latin names of plants, and also date of production. Buy bubbles only from dark glass and you store it correctly (light is pernicious for essential oils). Flakonchik should not be plastic at all, and a stopper - rubber (essential oils are capable to corrode these materials).

Remember that at acceptance of bathtubs the most important - sense of proportion. Too frequent and long lying in a bathtub deprives skin of fat and necessary fatty greasing. As well as any medicine - time of stay in a curative bathtub has to be strictly dosed. For maintenance of preventive effect - in a week there will be quite enough one or two times.

Rest pleasant to you and kind health!

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