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How to prepare a curative bathtub of the house? Part 2

of the Bathtub with addition of infusion of curative herbs are famous for the powerful improving and all-strengthening action long ago. Many medical plants under the influence of hot water are capable to emit aromatic oils which begin to work through the nervous terminations of skin and through our lungs. It is simple to prepare such infusion in house conditions. The main thing - to pick up herbs, in dependence about what effect you wish to reach, and also to consider one important point - whether you have allergy to the components which are a part of these or those herbs.

Fans hour, and even will luxuriate in a bathroom longer, it is necessary to disappoint - curative properties of such water make very powerful impact on an organism, and abuse of time can give a boomerang effect. Duration of such bathtub should not exceed 15 - 20 minutes. Consider that it is better not to boil herbs, and to insist 10 - 15 minutes in boiled water - then they will keep all the useful properties. the Second option - to put in hot water a fabric sack with several handfuls of herbs until the bathtub is gathered, and during water procedure - to wipe with it a body.

Several simple recipes will help to understand that it is necessary for you right now.

For the fat and angry skin the bathtub from infusions of a sage and a camomile or flowers of arnica and a camomile in a proportion 1:1 is irreplaceable.

Refreshes skin and the bathtub with rosemary infusion cleans pores .

In fight against insomnia try to prepare infusion from flowers of a linden and to take a bath with this magic means, and then safely go to a bed.

The effective all-strengthening action renders mix on an organism: leaf of a birch, leaf of a nettle, grass of a train, meduniyets, camomile pharmaceutical, silverweed goose, marjoram.

The role of the fine clearing means in traditional medicine carries out such aromatic infusion: (dry or fresh) we fill in a glass of birch leaves with boiled water, we draw half an hour and we pour out in a bathtub.

To calm nerves , to get rid of excessive excitement, to adjust work of heart after a nervous stress, nervousness, and also bathtubs with valerian broth addition will help to reduce blood pressure.

At cold will be helped by very unusual, but very effective recipe - a bathtub with mustard. To pour out a glass of dry mustard in a linen sack and to lower in a bathtub with water temperature 36 degrees. Procedure duration - 10 minutes.

Well clears and gives to skin elasticity such structure: leaf of a birch, leaf of raspberry, peppermint, camomile pharmaceutical, clover flowers.

A bathtub with coniferous extract - one more way to carry out bathing not only with pleasure, but also with huge advantage of nervous system and heart, blood circulation and a metabolism. Coniferous extract contains vitamins B1, B2, B6, C, PP, H, folic acid, is a source of vegetable hormones, and also micro - and macrocells among which there is a sodium, magnesium, potassium, calcium, zinc and iron.

What it is important to consider in the winter - the needles phytoncides which are a part of extract are natural antibiotics which well influence on mucous fish soup, throats, a nose therefore extract - a quite good prophylactic during revelry of mass infections. And still - such bathtub will suit people in fight against sleeplessness, overfatigue and weakening of a muscular tone. Method of application: 100 g of liquid extract or 1 briquette (50 g) on a bathtub. A course - 20 bathtubs every other day at the water temperature of 36 - 37 degrees.

During procedures try to provide in a bathroom optimum air temperature - 24 - 25 degrees and to exclude drafts.