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How to prepare a curative bathtub of the house? Part 1

many know that bathtubs render the improving and relaxing a body effect -. Today there is a set of the resorts offering tens curative and the rejuvenating procedures among which and a bathtub - mud, aromatic, infused on herbs... And in the cities salons which invite already strongly took the place to plunge into this pleasant rest as a hobby and bodies. And if there is no time for resorts and salons? It is possible to try to organize a curative bathtub independently, at home. For this purpose it is necessary to know only some of simple, but very effective recipes. Everything is very simple in preparation, and, above all - practically all ingredients for a bathtub beauty and health it is possible to buy in the next drugstore.

It is known that bathing in sea water has the strong revitalizing effect. Yes it is only regular to leave to the sea - pleasure not for everyone. Salinas will come to the rescue. It is considered that bathtubs with sea salt improve elasticity of skin, stimulate exchange processes in an organism, are capable to reduce stress and to normalize a dream, positively influence on warmly - vascular system and raise a vitality. the Salina should prepare and accept

correctly. 300 - 400 g of salt at first dissolve in 1/4 hot bathtub, and then, adding cold water, bring it to the necessary temperature. Optimum water temperature - 36 degrees, duration of reception of a bathtub - 15 - 20 minutes, and a course consists of 10 - 12 bathtubs every other day. Remember that maximum permissible concentration of salt - 20 g on liter, and overdose can make harmful effects on skin and vessels. You do not hurry to rinse skin with usual water, having left a bathtub - start up salt will make the powerful impact on skin, give it for this purpose time. It is possible to put on a terry dressing gown and minutes through twenty safely to be rinsed under a shower.

One of not too widespread, but quite effective recipes of beauty and health - a bathtub with bran. Bran contains a large amount of vitamins of group B. Besides medical influence at inflammations and burns, the bathtub with broth of bran has remarkable effect on the dry and angry skin. For preparation of broth needs to place 1 kg of wheat, oat or almond bran in a holshchevy bag and to fill in with five liters of cold water - to cook 10 minutes. Bran can also be filled in a gauze sack and to ship in a hot bathtub. Such procedure will make rough skin smooth, and angry - will calm.

One of the most wonderful ways to please the skin is the bathtub with milk addition. Not without reason, the queen Cleopatra took milk pans that skin for a long time kept the shining and velvety look. Milk contains the whole set of elements and vitamins. For example, a large amount of the vitamin B which is contained in milk - eliminates flabbiness of skin and tones up it, vitamin E possesses the powerful rejuvenating and regulating action. Knows that Cleopatra bathed in pure milk - to us, for preparation of a house bathtub will be enough two liters of milk and a little honey. For this purpose warm milk needs to be mixed with four tablespoons of honey and to leave in capacity while the bathtub is gathered. It is quite good to fill a glass of sea salt when water was gathered on a third in a bathtub, and after salt dissolution - to pour in water in the received mix from honey and milk. Ideal temperature of such bathtub - 34 - 35 degrees.

Glyceric bathtubs have remarkable effect on skin - after such procedure skin looks fresh and velvety. the Recipe of a glyceric bathtub is simple: to gather a bathtub to a half and to place there 200 g of glycerin, then to fill a bathtub up to the top and to add 200 more g. Duration of such bathtub - 20 minutes, and then be rinsed under a shower.

Taking a bath, do not forget to think of something pleasant - try to relax and calm down as much as possible, having dumped from themselves freight of cares of last day. During bathing you can massage a brush a body for office of the died-off skin particles, and having left a bathtub do not forget to apply the moisturizing lotion on skin. And, of course, after acceptance of the weakening water procedure it is good to have a rest a little - to lie down 15 - 20 minutes.

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