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How to choose the audio system? Power and quality of a sound. Neighbors usually quickly distinguish

of the Happy owner of the brand new audio system on the loud sounds of music reaching from the apartment several first days, euphoria caused by purchase of a good thing will not cease yet.

That neighbors for certain learned about your purchase, it is necessary to consider value of output power at the choice of equipment. Do not go too far. In the small-sized apartment to turn on the powerful audio system it is inexpedient and unsafe. Any minute - " glasses; will depart . Power needs the area.

To the opposite side it is not necessary to evade too. Power is necessary not only in order that shouted more loudly . The matter is that distortions grow in process of increase in loudness. Are normalized by standards of distortion for the rated power of the amplifier. And if not to use strengthening to the full extent distortions will be less and quality of a sound is higher. In other words, existence of a stock of unused power improves quality of the reproduced sound.

Rated power of the amplifier of the audio system is designated as CPO or RMS. Its value in watts is specified for each channel, for example 2 x 50. But big power it well therefore in some models of power of channels are summarized and shown one total number.

Except rated power there are such parameters as maximum (MRO) and peak maximum (RMRO) of power. Their values, of course, are higher, than values of rated power therefore are especially willingly specified in parameters of systems of a low class. To learn value of rated power, divide RMRO figure on 12.

If to explain on fingers the maximum power is a loudness with which still it is possible to listen to music with minimum admissible quality. And RMRO is the such loudness which columns will be able to sustain couple of seconds and will not burn down. Of course, in this mode it is possible to forget about quality.

For the usual apartment rated power on 100 watts on each canal, I think, it is already a bit too much, but it is still quite admissible. To hold a bigger stock hardly expediently economically. The power is higher, the cost is more.

Except a power stock quality of a sound is influenced by material of which columns are made. Plastic is so, consumer goods. The good sound can be received from wooden cases or from a chipboard. By the way, the last it is frequent hide in plastic covers.

Modern electronics helps to maintain quality of sounding " too; at the " level;. Various Surround can only be welcomed if in the apartment there is enough place for placement of additional columns.

Loudspeaker of the " speaker system; correctly without distortions it is capable to work in rather narrow range of frequencies. Therefore in high-quality systems all sound range breaks into several strips. Each of them moves on the loudspeaker. Such strips there can be from 2 to 9. In systems more simply the loudspeaker in a column can be one.

Of course, except quality of a sound which depends on width of a strip of the reproduced frequencies and capacities other parameters, for example, design of the device and existence of additional functions also are important for the audio system. Let`s talk about it in the following article.]