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What is a lethargy?

the Lethargy are the condition of imaginary death which is characterized by full real estate, lack of all signs of life. The science knows a set most improbable cases connected with this disease. Here is how the lethargy phenomenon in the opinion of the simple, even not preconvinced observer looked, for example: To be buried alive - undoubtedly one of the most terrible tortures which were ever falling to lot mortal. Any reasonable person will not begin to deny that it happens often, very often. The borders separating life from death are vague and are not certain.

Who will tell where one comes to an end and another begins? We know that at some painful states all visible vital signs though actually this termination - only a temporary suspension, a minute pause in the unclear mechanism human " absolutely stop; bodies. There passes the known term, and some hidden mysterious law starts magic levers and magic wheels again. The silver thread of life is not torn, the gold ball is not broken finally .

It is perfectly written! And it is not surprising - the given fragment is taken from Edgar Poe`s story Premature burial . In the same narration the American writer retells known in his time of a story about alive buried.

the Wife of the Baltimore lawyer ached with the strange illness which nonplused doctors. She died and nobody suspected that the death was imaginary. Eyes died away, pulse disappeared, the body became cold. In three days the woman was buried in a family crypt. There passed several years, the crypt was opened again to put there a sarcophagus. When the husband opened a door, on him the wife`s skeleton in the shroud which did not decay still was tumbled down.

Of course, investigation was made. Such picture revealed. Dead woman regained consciousness day through two. Fought in a coffin until that fell to a floor. Having got out of the broken-up coffin, she knocked its fragments at the iron door of a crypt. Again fainted and, falling, it was hooked for a door bracket. In this situation it remained and decayed.

However, even in such gloomy situation life which, as we know, is richer than any imagination suits sometimes from the tragedy the comedy. Last century in Spain, in a rich aristocratic family her owner suddenly died. He fainted, sitting at a holiday table. When it was put on a bed, pulse any more not about - it shchupyvatsya, breath stopped. Inconsolable relatives in the first hours were gnawed through from - for inheritances. And when deceased began to read the burial service, that rose from a coffin. The most amusing if it is possible to use this word in a similar case, was that fallen into a lethargy (by the way, lethargy on - Greek means oblivion ) the head of a noble surname uslykshat about himself from the immediate family it that would never learn, remaining in good health.

As an example it would be possible to address experience of yogis. At the price of long-term trainings of the body and the will they are capable to immerse auto-suggestion themselves in the state close to a lethargy. By the way, people who are capable to operate the warm activity are known to doctors and without being yogas.

In the Leningrad clinic - is told by the doctor - gipnolog P. Boole, - treated one woman which she could change randomly the frequency of the of bullets sa by request of the doctor - the experimenter. The actress by profession, at heart very nervous and hysterical, she could, imagining herself in this or that role, to cause a certain emotional state that in turn, was immediately reflected in its warm activity... On a question of how it manages to change number of serdtsebiyeniye, she told that to accelerate the pulse, she imagined misfortune.

Drew a picture of how she runs up the fifth floor to the apartment in the imagination and sees the incident. In other case it represented itself on vacation by the sea, in a condition of absolute, serene rest lying ashore at " water;. On it we will limit our story about a lethargy so far.]